The Choice of 400 Million Families — Innovative Pioneer SKYWORTH Sets a New Standard in High-Tech Home Viewing

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 57th edition of the U.S. International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) took place at the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center, where SKYWORTH, a trailblazer in the television industry, showcased its technological prowess. CES stands as one of the globe’s premier exhibitions for consumer electronics and technology, uniting companies worldwide to unveil cutting-edge products, innovative technologies, and solutions.

As a frontrunner in technological home appliances, communications, and new energy, SKYWORTH asserted its technological prowess, presenting nearly a hundred cutting-edge technologies and key new products. Their showcase featured smart display products boasting unique design aesthetics, distinctive home appliances, 5G+ AI+ smart home solutions, and a range of innovative offerings. This comprehensive display underscored SKYWORTH’s commitment and formidable capabilities, aiming to deliver the ultimate “from smart home appliances to dual-carbon ecology” experience to users globally.

The Choice of 400 Million Families — Innovative Pioneer SKYWORTH Sets a New Standard in High-Tech Home Viewing. Pioneering Design and Quality Innovations——Mini LED wallpaper TV; Comprehensive Lifestyle Series——Clarus S1 Full Sun Outdoor TV and PS1 Partial Sun Outdoor Display, and the Companion P100 Portable Display; Super Large Screen, Super System, Super Enjoyment——165″ 4K Micro LED TV and Coolita OS

SKYWORTH Pioneering Design and Quality Innovations

Since its establishment in 1988, SKYWORTH has been a cornerstone in the TV display industry, paving the way to becoming a globally recognized Chinese home appliance giant. The brand’s unwavering commitment to technological innovation, industry advancement, and the elevation of brand value has been a driving force throughout its journey.

At CES 2024, SKYWORTH showcased its prowess as a dominant force in wallpaper TVs, unveiling two groundbreaking flagship Mini LED wallpaper TVs for the first time worldwide. These cutting-edge devices feature ultra-thin, seamless wall-mounted designs that seamlessly blend with various living room decoration styles. SKYWORTH’s AI independent image quality engine, coupled with the 30+ image quality adjustment technology, achieves a remarkable 99% DCI-P3 movie-level wide color gamut display and high-precision color accuracy of △E≤0.98.

Notably, these TVs support a 4K 144Hz high-refresh display and are equipped with HSR Technology, enabling a refresh of up to 288Hz. This capability caters to the discerning needs of game enthusiasts, fully meeting the requirements for the ultimate refresh rate. SKYWORTH continues to push the boundaries of innovation, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of TV display technology.

SKYWORTH Unveils Its Comprehensive Lifestyle Series at CES 2024

Catering to the diverse preferences of today’s market, SKYWORTH introduces its Lifestyle Series, featuring the Canvas Art Display, the Clarus S1 Full Sun Outdoor TV and PS1 Partial Sun Outdoor Display, and the Companion P100 Portable Display. These offerings align with unique lifestyles, providing consumers with a spectrum of choices that suit their individual needs.

Making its debut at CES 2024 was the Canvas Art Display. It seamlessly blends technology with art, this display delivers a fresh and unique viewing experience for consumers who appreciate lifestyle and artistic pursuits. With its ultra-thin design, measuring only 29mm in thickness, it ensures a sleek and unobtrusive aesthetic. The flush wall-mounted installation integrates art into daily life, making it the visual centerpiece. The matte anti-glare screen technology enhances clarity and fidelity, preserving a true and natural visual beauty. The integrated body design creates a clean viewing environment, complemented by the “Various Art Screen” application, immersing users in an artistic oasis at home.

The Clarus S1 Full Sun Outdoor TV, equipped with Google TV, stands out as a “star” product tailored for outdoor scenes. With 3000 nit Mini-LED ultra-high brightness it ensures the ultimate viewing experience in any outdoor brightness. Featuring IP66 dust and rain protection, an IK10 impact-resistant glass panel, and a wide operating temperature range, the Clarus S1 Full Sun Outdoor TV conquers various outdoor environments. The anti-glare display and included 100W soundbar deliver stunning visuals and immersive sound effects, transforming your outdoor space into a movie paradise.

The upcoming Clarus PS1 Partial Sun Display features a 4K UHD, 1200-nit screen for crystal-clear images in partially sunny outdoor areas. With an IP55 rating, it protects against UV rays, rain, snow, dirt, dust, insects, and moisture. The included outdoor speaker enhances the immersive entertainment experience.

The Companion P100 Portable Display is equipped with a 24-inch Full HD LED display and strikes the perfect balance between portability and picture quality. With an exceptional battery life of over 3 hours, outstanding industrial design, and access to Google TV’s rich library of content, it promises an unmatched viewing experience on the go.

Super Large Screen, Super System, Super Enjoyment

Among the highlights is the launch of a groundbreaking 165″ 4K Micro LED TV. This true MAX super large screen, with a remarkable thickness of only 20mm, sets an industry record. Boasting ultra-high contrast, an expansive color gamut, high brightness, high refresh rates, and exceptional picture quality, the TV delivers an unparalleled viewing experience. Features like extreme ink color and a non-reflective surface further enhance the visual appeal. With functions like wireless screen projection, remote conferencing, and multi-screen interaction, it caters to diverse office needs. The Android/Windows dual system seamless switching and multi-scenario operation add versatility to this technological marvel.

SKYWORTH also introduced Coolita OS, its global smart TV operating system, designed to elevate the smart TV experience. Built on the MaaS+SaaS+PaaS platform ecosystem, Coolita offers a panoramic view of AI service capabilities that are scenario-based, composable, and open. The OS features intelligent poster generation, in-depth short video creation, and advanced intelligent labeling, supported by AIGC tools. With partnerships with over 500 global and regional streaming media service providers, Coolita has provided over 1.2 billion hours of audio-visual entertainment content, making waves in more than 80 countries. Its dominance in the local market, particularly in Indonesia, and its rapid global expansion signify the OS’s popularity and success.

SKYWORTH’s global presence and commitment to innovation were evident on the world stage of CES 2024. With a focus ranging from smart home appliances to dual-carbon ecology, SKYWORTH showcased its dedication to R&D investment. Embracing the technological development ideas of “5G+AI+Terminal,” SKYWORTH is driving the advancement of new technologies, materials, and processes. As it continues to build a comprehensive and innovative development blueprint, SKYWORTH’s impact on the tech landscape is poised to reach new heights.