The Global Luxury Economic Network, where people can find luxury products and information all in one

HONG KONG, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For friends who are keen on fashion and pursuing fashion, it is not too difficult to obtain the information and news of major fashion and luxury brands in the world at the first time. Just go to the Global Luxury Economic Network (hereinafter referred to as “GLEN”), where people can easily obtain information on global luxury brands, and they can also purchase all kinds of luxury goods at a very high cost performance on the platform, including some limited editions, limited editions and other rare luxury goods.

As a platform for all-round coordinated development, GLEN not only has strong front-end hard power, but also has excellent back-end technical strength. The core team of GLEN are all from BAT and first-tier Internet companies, with top technical strength and rich experience, which can provide a strong guarantee for the construction, maintenance and service of the core system of the platform.

The social section is also a major feature of GLEN. In order to allow users to have high-quality social interactions on the platform, GLEN has launched a corresponding incentive plan. Users can obtain benefits issued by the platform by posting high-quality posts, answering and other social behaviors. In addition, like, comment, bookmark, share high-quality content on the platform, follow accounts, browse posts, etc., can also get corresponding benefits. In other words, users can get certain benefits by socializing on the platform. This incentive plan has greatly improved the enthusiasm of users, allowing users to make money while also increasing the activity of the platform.

Innovation is an important part of the corporate culture of GLEN ( GLEN uses the existing thinking mode to propose ideas to lead the development of the industry, and uses the company’s existing resources to improve and create new development models. From the perspective of the three major businesses, a hundred flowers are blooming in the sector, and the strategies of the three major companies are parallel in multiple lines, and they have embarked on a road of innovation of their own. From news information to big-name luxury products, from luxury product information to social media, these all reflect the creativity and innovation of GLEN in the development process!

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