The 1st Global Digital Trade Expo kicks off in Hangzhou, China

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by Themed “Connecting Digital Trade to the World”, the first Global Digital Trade Expo was held in Hangzhou recently.

Hangzhou is a famous historical and cultural city, a city of innovation and vitality. It is also the “E-Commerce City of China” and the “first city of China’s digital economy”. The success of the first Global Digital Trade Expo fully demonstrates Hangzhou’s advantages as a pioneering city of China’s digital economy and provides Hangzhou with a golden opportunity for the development of digital trade.

There are many Hangzhou enterprises on the Top 100 list of China’s digital economy unicorns released on the Global Digital Trade Expo. Panshi Group is one of the companies on the list. Chen Xiaomin, CEO of Panshi Group said: “As an enterprise in Hangzhou, we feel that the business environment in Hangzhou is getting better, we hope that the government can help all the unicorn companies with the comprehensive deployment of technology and promotion of products.”

In recent years, Hangzhou has taken the lead in blazing a unique path in the field of industrial digitalization, building a good industrial development ecology, and forming an excellent business environment.

As the “E-Commerce City of China” and the country’s first “Cross-Border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone”, Hangzhou has concentrated 80% of the province’s live e-commerce business. There are currently more than 30 top live broadcast platforms, and nearly 50,000 anchors broadcasting on major platforms. More than 5,000 live e-commerce related companies have registered in Hangzhou, ranking first in the country.

With the successful conclusion of the first Global Digital Trade Expo, Hangzhou has also ushered in a new starting point for exploring the greater development potential of digital trade. As an innovative move of further opening up, the construction of the Hangzhou Pilot Free Trade Zone will also be upgraded. Hangzhou will give full play to the superimposed effect of the Global Digital Trade Expo and Free Trade Zone to achieve eight major goals, including the world’s top exhibition brand, the world’s top cross-border e-commerce demonstration center, the global cross-border payment zone, and the pilot zone in line with international economic and trade agreements, creating a distinctively recognizable Digital Free Trade Zone.