TD Holdings, Inc. Enters into a US$165 Million Procurement Agency Agreement

To march into the renewable energy sector, and create new curve for business performance

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TD Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: GLG) (the “Company”), a commodities trading service provider in China today announced that the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Qianhai Baiyu Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (“Baiyu”), an integrated service provider specializing in commodity supply chain, has entered into a procurement agency agreement (the “Agreement”) with Shenzhen Jintongyuan Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (“Jintongyuan”) for the strategic framework of procuring cobalt materials, the battery energy storage raw materials. The total procurement value is set at RMB1.2 billion (approximately US$165 million). This strategic move is expected to diversify the Company’s service portfolio by expanding the range of raw material categories and increase the Company’s presence in the renewable energy sector.

Pursuant to the Agreement, during the 12-month period, Jintongyuan will commission Baiyu to purchase cobalt materials with a monthly procurement quantity of RMB100 million (approximately US$14 million). Jintongyuan will pay Baiyu a 20% deposit within a day of Baiyu’s acceptance of the commission. Baiyu will also receive agency service fee and fee for fund occupation from Jintongyuan.

Cobalt, a vital component of battery energy storage, plays an indispensable role in various application domains with its distinct characteristics and advantages. The future development of battery energy storage is intricately linked with the research and advancement of cobalt and its associated application technologies. Battery energy storage, renowned for its high energy density, extended lifespan, rapid charge and discharge capabilities, and environmental friendliness, has found wide-ranging applications in energy storage and utilization. Cobalt, in turn, emerges as a pivotal raw material within these batteries, holding a significant position in the cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries and cobalt oxide batteries. Cobalt’s exceptional electrochemical and physical properties contribute to efficient charge storage and prolonged usage. Cobalt has the advantage of enhancing battery capacity, efficiency, performance, stability, cycle life, and charging speed.

Ms. Renmei Ouyang, the CEO of the Company, stated, “We are excited to formalize the Agreement with Jintongyuan, which underscores our reputation as a trusted supply chain service provider. We see this partnership not only as a result of our efforts to bolster revenue, but also as a significant milestone in our expansion into the renewable energy sector. Moving forward, we will continue to seek more partnership opportunities in the renewable energy industry to solidify our role in this burgeoning market and pave the way for long-term business growth. “

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