Speedgoat announces new generation Performance real-time test system, accelerating testing of control designs and embedded controllers from Simulink®

LIEBEFELD, Switzerland, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The new generation Performance real-time target machine (P3) is a scalable, high-performance test system for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation of digital twins and rapid control prototyping of novel control designs.

New generation Performance test system with seamless Simulink workflow integration.

For hardware-in-the-loop simulation, the Performance test system enables you to thoroughly test embedded controllers and connections. For example, you can run a digital twin of your physical plant designed in Simulink in deterministic real-time to test automotive ECUs, aircraft FADECs, or PLCs of industrial automation systems.

For rapid control prototyping, use the Performance as a powerful and flexible controller, without constraints from embedded software workflows. The workflow integration with MATLAB® & Simulink will help you run and test novel control designs during early R&D stages.

Closed-loop sample rates up to the MHz range, large I/O scalability, and seamless Simulink integration

The new generation Performance real-time target machine supports faster closed-loop sample rates and provides larger I/O scalability and more flexible I/O access.

High-performance multi-core CPUs and optional Simulink programmable FPGAs enable closed-loop sample rates up to the MHz range. The Performance has up to eleven I/O slots in the base unit and the option to connect multiple I/O expansion units, allowing to install over 40 I/O modules.

Performance real-time target machine with I/O expansion unit

“You can choose from over 150 I/O module types, covering most typical needs off-the-shelf, including analog, digital, pulse, and encoder I/O, and a vast range of communication protocols. Additional I/O modules can be installed at any time at your site,” says Riccardo Moccetti, Head of Product Management, at Speedgoat.

“The Performance test system is ideal to place on your desk, in a lab, or to mount in a rack. As test systems are typically used for many years, Speedgoat assures long-term availability of components, continued compatibility with latest MATLAB releases, and responsive support.” says Martin Stoller, CEO, at Speedgoat.

“As with all Speedgoat test systems, MATLAB and Simulink workflow integration with Simulink Real-Time™ makes the Performance real-time target machine ideal for model-based design with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation of digital twins and rapid control prototyping of innovative and complex control designs,” says Jim Carrick, Development Director at MathWorks. 

Speedgoat provides engineers and scientists the quickest and most intuitive way to real-time test cutting-edge applications designed with Simulink.

For additional information, visit speedgoat.com.

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