SMU Launches Master’s Programme with a Practical Focus on Entrepreneurship and Venture Building

SMU’s enhanced Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) is a 12-month programme that is infused with practical venture building experience Students will have the flexibility to develop their own start-ups or to work with multinationals and vibrant startups within the entrepreneurship ecosystem on projects designed to have a positive impact on society

SINGAPORE, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Entrepreneurship is important for Singapore as a key driver of innovation and source of economic renewal[1]. The Singapore government is actively encouraging entrepreneurship, with policies such as Startup SG Equity Initiative, Global Ready Talent Programme and Startup SG Founder, to name a few. In response to such industry needs and demand, Singapore Management University (SMU) has revamped its Master of Science in Innovation programme to the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) programme, to nurture purpose-driven talents who will pioneer new growth opportunities for Singapore and beyond and solve pressing, real-world problems.

The full-time MEI programme offers students a unique combination of Entrepreneurship and Innovation modules, complete with an enhanced, practical hands-on experience in venture building.

With greater emphasis on knowledge transfer to action, students have the flexibility to either develop their own start-ups, gaining valuable experience and exposure to the world of entrepreneurship while tapping on the rich and vibrant network of likeminded individuals that the SMU MEI provides; or consult on projects such as those offered by Temasek Life Sciences Accelerator (TLA), a Singapore-based biotech and agri-tech incubator with state-of-the art infrastructure.

The curriculum of the MEI programme is rigorous, equipping students with knowledge that  expands their creative thinking, hone business acumen and a metaphorical toolkit to navigate the precariously exciting entrepreneurship journey. Access to generous equity-free prototype budgets, providing students the space and resources to support the development of their breakthrough idea. A diverse range of mentors is also provided, allowing students to bring their ideas to life and make an impact in the world through extensive collaboration with likeminded individuals.

In addition, students are offered an option of overseas immersion with University College London and access to the deep knowhow of SMU’s Business Innovations Generator (BIG), including its BIG Incubation Programme. Designed to help early-stage founders validate their product and get ready for seed investment, selected teams in the BIG Incubation Programme receive support including grant opportunities, world-class advisors, masterclasses as well as a work space in the heart of downtown Singapore.

“Besides the all-around access to the entire ecosystem that SMU has and that of its industry and university partners, what makes this Master programme great is also how it offers a unique blend of foundational frameworks and hands-on experiences. For example, compared to many similar programmes that focus solely on entrepreneurship or classroom learning, we are thrilled that the revamped MEI programme goes beyond this traditional approach by melding innovation and entrepreneurship concepts for students, whilst giving them the invaluable experience of venture building,” said David Gomulya, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Academic Director, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lee Kong Chian School of Business, SMU.

“Distilled from world-class best practices, venture building allows students to share ideas, gain feedback, build contacts and push through to see the first-hand impact of their creations on both society and the economy. For those keen to create new ideas that capture the imagination, this revamped programme will equip them with the ecosystem access to start and scale their innovations. Finally and perhaps most importantly, an entrepreneurship setting forces students to master cognitive, interpersonal and self-leadership skills, which are essential to survive in a future constantly reshaped by uncertainties. This is key because the job opportunities for our graduates span from innovating in large established companies to being a savvy investor and well informed policy makers, and anything in between, certainly well beyond just starting a company.”

Scholarship schemes are available for interested applicants.

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