Nippon Dynawave Packaging increases superior product quality with Procemex Web Inspection solution

JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nippon Dynawave Packaging, manufacturer of the highest quality paperboard for cartons and cups, has chosen Procemex to provide a 3D Crystal Web Inspection solution for their L3 product line.


Procemex Oy Web Inspection System


The Procemex 3D web inspection solution will ensure that the product of the paper machine will be free from paper machine defects such as indents, outdents, wrinkles, and other by-products of the paper making process. 

Previous to selecting Procemex as their quality partner for years to come, Nippon Dynawave Packaging and Procemex conducted an on-machine trial to prove the capabilities of the 3D web inspection solution. The image quality and detection for the trial were overwhelming to the Nippon Dynawave Packaging team which resulted in moving forward with full defect detection capabilities. The 3D web inspection solution was be installed and commissioned in December 2022.

The Procemex defect detection solution is integrated with the already existing Procemex sheet break detection and web monitoring solution giving the L3 production line the capability to analyze root-causes of defects and thereby, increasing efficiency and improving the quality of the product.

The modern, integrated, and high-resolution Procemex web inspection and monitoring solution will provide Nippon Dynawave Packaging new possibilities and technical solutions to improve the production line efficiency. In addition, the product quality of liquid packaging will continue to fulfill end users’ ever increasing quality requirements. With the advanced web inspection capabilities, the delivery will be equipped hardware and software solutions enabling advanced wrinkle detection, as well as indent and outdent detection capabilities.

About Nippon Dynawave Packaging

At Nippon Dynawave Packaging, the mission is to produce the highest quality paperboard, provide unsurpassed customer service and deliver technical, professional, and operational excellence in everything we do. We produce bleached paperboard used to make cartons and cups for liquids such as milk, juice, coffee and sake under the brand names Structure-Pak and Structure-Serv. Each year we produce 300,000 metric tons of paperboard, which is equivalent to 6 billion liter-sized milk cartons.

Our facility has been manufacturing liquid packaging board in Longview Washington since 1953. On September 1, 2016 Nippon Dynawave Packaging celebrated our first day operating the facility as a new subsidiary of Nippon Paper Industries. We produce coated and uncoated liquid packaging board for sales to converting customers in North America, Asia and around the world.

Nippon Dynawave Packaging, is a subsidiary of the Nippon Paper Group. Our company aims to create value through developing products that contribute to better living and cultural progress in a sustainable manner. By sourcing our fiber from legal and sustainable forestry operations in our region, and adhering to our chain of custody certifications under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) C131932, Nippon Dynawave demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. The Nippon Paper Group is a comprehensive biomass company that is focused on shaping the future with trees.

About Procemex

Procemex is a global leader in integrated web monitoring and web inspection solutions in board, paper, pulp and printing industry. Procemex develops, designs and delivers the fastest and most accurate smart camera-based solutions worldwide.

Founded in 2000, Procemex has gained leading expertise in the industry. Thanks to its solid roots, Procemex has acquired a unique understanding of production processes while the core excellence is in mastering optical imaging and image processing.

Procemex helps paper, board and pulp companies worldwide secure their product quality and minimize expensive production downtime.

Procemex is headquartered in central Finland with regional offices in the U.S., Germany, and Japan.