Introducing “Peace of Mind.”

WILMINGTON, Del., June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SiiPet recently made its debut on Indiegogo to introduce its world’s 1st pet behavior analysis camera with silk-smooth tracking and top-notch 4K quality; thanks to its multi-pet identification, each of people’s beloved pets will receive personalized care and attention.

Pet Behavior Analysis • Real-time Abnormality Alerts • 4K Quick Capture • Multi-pet Identification

While designed with the well-being of the furry friends in mind, SiiPet developed dozens of proprietary algorithms for cats and dogs to provide peace of mind experience for owners worldwide. Most importantly, SiiPet is the world’s first pet camera that can accurately identify multiple pets.

SiiPet possesses the ability to swiftly and automatically identify the behavioral patterns of each pet. It has innovatively categorized their daily activities into three types: Abnormal, Routine and Highlighted. It is adept at detecting and documenting a variety of abnormal behaviors and offers comprehensive explanations and recommendations.

It’s all in the details. Privacy protection is paramount in the digital world and its priority. SiiPet’s three privacy modes have got all owners covered. What’s more, SiiPet empowers users to customize experiences based on individual preferences and requirements, such as treat tossing and laser interaction.

About SiiPet: SiiPet is a pioneering pet technology company dedicated to creating deeper emotional bonds between pets and owners through cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to fill every moment of life with care and companionship.

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