Primax’s 40th Anniversary Virtual Expo: Unveiling AI Innovations for a Smarter Future

Aligned with COMPUTEX 2024, Primax Showcases 3 Senses in one Integration Solutions

TAIPEI, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Primax Electronics Ltd., a leader in 3 senses in 1 (interface, visual, and audio) integrated solutions, announces its 40th Anniversary Virtual Expo starting June 4th. Coinciding with COMPUTEX 2024, the expo will feature five specialized booths that highlight Primax’s innovative AI solutions tailored to various industry needs.

Expo Highlights Include:


AI security solutions, including AI facial recognition door locks, high-performance AI security cameras, and contactless radar sensors, are designed for residential, commercial, and healthcare environments. These state-of-the-art solutions redefine safety and privacy standards while seamlessly integrating with the worldwide shift towards intelligent security technologies, making them essential for businesses aiming to modernize their security offerings.

Automotive Electronics

Deeply invested in automotive electronics applications, Primax showcases advanced vehicle safety systems including ADAS, DMS, dash cameras, and wireless chargers. These cutting-edge technologies address the growing demands of intelligent vehicle development and fleet management, crucial for enterprises aiming to innovate within the automotive industry. Our professional system integration services, including module customization and FATP system integration, providing comprehensive technical solutions to flexibly meet the development needs of our clients at various stages.

Smart Industrial

Primax showcases its core competence in visual and acoustic technologies, extended to industrial applications through AI-powered cameras and acoustic imaging solutions. These innovations improve manufacturing precision, enhance product quality, and reduce operational downtime, offering businesses a competitive edge in industrial operations.

Office and Conference System

Primax integrates interface, visual, and audio technologies to create comprehensive office solutions, including video bars, scheduling tablets, auto-tracking AI cameras, and 360-degree cameras. These innovations are tailored to enhance remote interactions in today’s hybrid and online meeting environments, providing businesses with the tools to improve communication efficiency and adapt to evolving workplace dynamics.


Primax offers a full range of gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and control decks with AI integration, catering to the next generation of gaming, editing, and podcast markets. Designed for durability and precision, these products are perfectly suited to meet the demands of both current and future market trends in gaming technology, providing businesses with an opportunity to stay ahead of the trend.

Joe Chu, General Manager of Primax Electronics, states, ” Primax continues to address the complex challenges faced by our clients. We uphold our commitment to leading-edge technology and continuous innovation, providing robust support for our clients’ innovations through our strong technical capabilities. This virtual expo showcases our dedication to innovative and our achievements over the past 40 years. We will continue to thrive in today’s dynamic technological landscape, creating greater value for our clients.”

About Primax

Primax Electronics is a leading integrated solutions supplier for information products, smart lifestyle and auto/AIoT products. Our product applications expand into public / community safety and auto electronics segments. Primax core technologies integrates 3 senses in 1 (interface, visual, and audio) applications, providing one-stop shopping service for our customers. Primax has been the best business partner for global brands by offering exceptional mechanical and electronic engineering services, strong integration capabilities and total solutions with its wide array of technologies.

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