Sichuan Tianfu New Area shines as beacon of development

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In order to solve the key problems faced by market entities when they search for methods to access the local market, Tianfu New Area launched the pilot reform project to integrate the approval procedure on Oct 10.

Sichuan Tianfu New Area launches the pilot reform project to integrate the approval procedure

Sichuan Tianfu New Area in Sichuan province has ushered in a golden age for development since being officially approved as a national-level new area in October 2014.

With the commitment to building itself into a park city demonstration area, Tianfu New Area has been creating a vibrant climate for business environment optimization.

Since 2019, it has launched 363 reform measures, which laid a solid foundation for the achievements in administration reform and service upgrades.

A resident surnamed Qi experienced the working efficiency of the government affairs service in the new area when she decided to finish the real estate registration and certificate replacement business and get her loan.

Initially, she was unable to go to the center in person. After consulting with staff members at the Tianfu New Area Real Estate Registration Center, she found out there was a way to handle it through the online service hall.

“I thought I had to arrive at the registration hall and submit materials. But the process exceeded my best expectations. Following the steps, I only spent three minutes completing the online registration and application,” she said.

The case demonstrates the results of the “All-in-One Network” reform project in the area. It was selected to be part of the Sichuan business environment optimization case collection in 2021 and promoted throughout the whole province.

Focused on the issuing of business licences and other high-frequency issues, they optimized the approval process and built up a system to share the data among different government departments.

Tianfu Legal Affairs Center, the first provincial-level modern legal affairs testing area in China, is playing a significant role in propelling entrepreneurship and bringing vitality to market entities with innovative law practices.

At the beginning of this year, the practice of the center was recommended as one of the special cases in China’s reform in 2021.

As the first place to put forward the development concept of a park city, Tianfu New Area continues to deepen the governance and create a high-quality livable environment for entrepreneurs and talents.