China Matters’ Feature: How is Dongguan changing manufacturing with 3D printing?

BEIJING, Oct. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dongguan has long been known as the “factory of the world.” The city has produced one third of the world’s accessories and daily goods, and one out of six phones in the world is made from here.

But over the recent years, the city has been shifting to a modern hub producing higher value-added goods. It has established the Songshan Lake High-tech Zone on industries like high-end electronics, biotechnology, and 3D printing, seeking to become China’s center of robotics and automated manufacturing technology.

In this video, we follow the story of two researchers working in one of Dongguan’s most promising fields: 3D printing and intelligent manufacturing. Mauricio Louzeiro, a mathematics researcher from Brazil, has come to Dongguan where he says there are opportunities to apply theory in the creation of real-life products. It is here that he met his colleague Li Nan, a professor who used 3D printing to create China’s 2022 Winter Olympic bobsleigh team’s helmets.

We also see a head scanning device that can 3D-print a custom-fit helmet for athletes and get a look at the unique design and materials utilized in the new Olympic bobsleigh helmet.

What makes Dongguan the ideal place for intelligent manufacturing? And what are making researchers and scientists from abroad, like Mauricio, excited about living in this city?

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