Shipsy Launches Plug-and-Play Export-Import Logistics Management Platform for India’s Burgeoning SME Community of Manufacturers, Shippers, and Freight Forwarders

Shipsy’s industry-leading solution leverages integration with 64+ shipping lines, 300+ freight forwarders, an adapted network of 20,000+ global shippers, and 50+ 3PLs worldwide. It empowers Indian exporters and importers to:

Reduce cross-border logistics expenses Track container shipments in real-time Plan shipments weeks in advance

GURUGRAM, India, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shipsy, a leading global smart logistics management technology provider, launched the self-serve, plug-and-play version of its international logistics management solution for growing global businesses based in India. It will enable small and mid-sized exporters-importers, manufacturers, shippers, and freight forwarders to manage the cross-border movement of their goods at scale using Shipsy’s advanced, no-setup, and ready-to-access platform per their requirements.

Shipsy’s export-import logistics management platform leverages the power of advanced AI, automation, and predictive analytics to empower businesses to access the best freight rates, make spot inquiries, track container movement in real time, gain essential insights and alerts on incidental costs, and much more.

Shipsy’s Vessel Schedules Tracker allows shippers to plan their consignments weeks ahead, save significantly on transportation costs, and meet customer expectations. Besides, the Indicator of Carbon Emissions (ICE) helps shippers monitor carbon emissions to enable data-driven decision-making for executing carbon-neutral strategies.

“Growing global commerce presents a fantastic potential for business growth. However, the lack of technological infrastructure challenges SMEs in realising optimisation and improving business outcomes. Our latest solution is a step towards empowering manufacturers and shippers to save costs and boost operational efficiencies so they can tap into the market’s growth and bolster their endeavors to expand into newer geographies,” said Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-Founder, Shipsy.

To know more about the solution, click here. Shipsy’s international logistics management platform leverages a seamless, out-of-the-box collaboration with 64+ shipping lines, 300+ freight forwarders, an adapted network of 20,000+ global shippers, and 50+ third-party logistics services providers to deliver transformational business outcomes for Indian SMEs. The SaaS leader is also working towards establishing itself as a platform company launching diverse logistics services.

“We’re working on enabling easier access to trade financing options, trade insurance, and payments processing to truly partner with the Indian shippers’ community on their growth journey. Such integrated services will expand our operational ambit so we can create value for stakeholders of all sizes,” Chokshi added.

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