LMS365 Integrates with Microsoft Viva Learning to Boost and Evolve Workplace Learning

AARHUS, Denmark, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LMS365 is one of the top learning management platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, giving users the unique opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere, on any device. As part of our ongoing commitment to democratize learning and make learning easily accessible to all in the flow of work, LMS365 is integrating with Microsoft Viva Learning, part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform (EXP).

LMS365 enables people to share and engage in learning from where they work in Microsoft Teams. When paired with Viva Learning the options are endless. Courses and training plans from your LMS365 content library are now readily available from a single Viva Learning interface, giving users the full overview of learning opportunities. The LMS365 integration with Viva Learning ensures all your organization’s learning needs are in one place and provides a complete learning experience for employees, natively delivered within the tools they already use throughout the workday.

“Learning and employee experience are so closely connected; we believe learning in the flow of work requires that discovery, recommendation, and recording be as easy as possible for users. By bringing LMS365 and Viva together, we achieve exactly that,” says Flemming Goldbach, Chief Product Officer at LMS365.

Make learning easier, more enjoyable, and completely customizable

This exciting integration will give learners a comprehensive view of available training, and guarantee that structured and trackable courses from your LMS365 solution are available in the flow of work from even more places in Teams and across the Microsoft 365 suite. You can also customize the provider name and icon of courses and training plans from LMS365. This will help brand your internal learning platform and make each training’s origin clear to learners.

Viva Learning lets you discover, share, and organize courses from learning content providers with the tools and platforms you already use. LMS365 is thrilled to be one of the first Microsoft partners to provide seamless integration with Viva Learning, and we champion Viva’s vision to evolve upskilling and transform workplace culture.

“With the Great Reshuffle, there’s a huge need for effective digital onboarding. To have Viva Learning leverage a structured learning program like LMS365 will be a huge benefit for us and other organizations, and help push the continuous learning model,” says Flemming Goldbach.

This integration is one more step in our ongoing strategy to leverage the full power of Microsoft 365’s suite of services through LMS365. The immense value of this integration is also felt by members of the Viva team.

“We are excited to partner with LMS365 to enable companies to bring structured and personalized learning into the daily flow of work. This integration helps increase learner engagement and puts employee development front and center. Together, we hope to enable organizations to create a culture of learning and streamline the employee learning experience,” says John Mighell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Viva Learning Product Lead

You can find more info on LMS365’s integration with Microsoft Viva Learning here.

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