Shared Technologies, Localized Solutions, H3C Presented Innovative Scenario-Based Solutions at the ASLAN Congress & EXPO 2023 in Spain

MADRID, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 30th ASLAN Congress & EXPO 2023, organized by the Spanish National Association of Technology Industries was held in Madrid, Spain. Themed “Shared Technologies, Localized Solutions”, H3C continued its presence for the 2nd time at the event with key scenario-based solutions and latest products, demonstrating its unique capabilities to local end-users and partners.

H3C showcases key scenario-based solutions and latest products at the 30th ASLAN Congress & EXPO 2023

The exhibition focuses on cutting-edge industrial information technology & services to attract international industry leaders, experts, scholars as well as notable digital companies. The focus of the exhibition is to welcome these stakeholders to participate and help Spain to build well-structured enterprises and have an efficient digital management system.

H3C presented its state-of-the-art products and intelligent solutions at the exhibition. Through the exchange and sharing of localized solutions and innovative technologies, it will help accelerate the process of digital transformation in Spain. Nowadays, the application of emerging technologies such as digitalization, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has become the key to promoting digital economic activities and realizing the Internet of Everything.

According to the 2022 annual report recently released by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain, the country issued 107,000 grants to small and medium enterprises to purchase digital services such as digital marketing and e-commerce, network security, process digitization, and remote office.

Romeo Wang, General Manager of H3C Spain, said, “The digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Spain is slowly catching up but leaves room for improvement. Currently, many industries are stepping up with digital transformation, and the local government is also actively promoting digital skills training for the public. We hope that through localized technology innovation capabilities, talent empowerment, and ecosystem, we can empower local government and enterprise customers to improve digital management, operation, and service efficiency, and escort the acceleration of Spain’s digitalization process.”

Following the H3C NAVIGATE 2023 International Business Summit held in February 2023 based on the strategy of “Think Globally, Act Locally”, H3C Spain continues to deepen its localization of technology innovation capabilities, talent empowerment, and ecosystem. With the theme of “shared technologies, localized solutions”, it proposes to focus on Synergy Working, Innovative Education, Efficient Healthcare, Reliable Public Service and other scenario-based solutions. Through the all-round coverage of remote offices, digital education, and smart hospital construction scenarios, it will speed up Spain’s digitalization progressively.

In addition, H3C also highlighted the AD-Net 6.0 solution at the exhibition site. H3C’s new-generation AD-NET 6.0 architecture consists of development technology, platform cloud, and third-party applications for unified management of platforms and portals. This solution builds an application-driven network integrating control, analysis, and centralized management through Seer Engine and Seer Analyzer, which can avoid a series of human errors and potential safety hazards. Its core capabilities have fully matched the needs of the era of comprehensive cloudification and will become a strong support for the vast number of Spanish network users, customers, and partners to carry out digital transformation, and further promote the rapid implementation of the “Digital Spain 2025” plan.

Under the guidance of the Cloud & AI Native strategy, H3C will adhere to the localization strategy, deeply cultivate the Spanish market, and build an open, blooming and win-win ecosystem for customers and partners by virtue of its own digital intelligence and innovative technology strength. In the future, H3C will also shoulder the corporate responsibility of boosting the growth of the global digital economy and help Spain achieve a comprehensive digital transformation.