euroTECH’s Vacuum Lifter System Increases Efficiency and Ergonomics in Wood Processing

TAICHUNG CITY, Taiwan, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A long-standing wood processing company in the Black Forest, Germany, is facing challenges in maintaining efficiency and ergonomics in a tight labor market. To tackle this issue, the company has implemented partial automation through the use of euroTECH’s vacuum lifter solution for loading the crosscut saw. This system reduces the workload of employees, making the company a more attractive employer in a physically demanding industry.

Increase Efficiency in the Crosscut Saw with vacuum lifters
The crosscut saw is a critical focus for the company, as their experienced employees manually lift individual boards and squared timber onto the saw, which can be up to 5 meters long and weigh between 30-40 kg. The process has become increasingly difficult, prompting the company to search for a solution that minimizes the need for personnel, increases efficiency, and lightens the workload, while also utilizing minimal space.

euroTECH, with extensive engineering expertise in vacuum handling, provides vacuum handling solutions through the use of vacuum pads and lifters to improve efficiency and reduce personnel requirements at the crosscut saw workstation. Partial automation is suggested due to space limitations and safety area requirements.

The solution involves building a portal with a vacuum lifting frame that employs a chain hoist to lift the load. The operator then transports a complete layer to the crosscut saw using a lightweight crane runway. An ergonomic control handle guides the suction, ventilation, and up-and-down movements required for this process. euroTECH has designed the area grippers, such as the suction box eT-Gripper, to lift layers made of all types of wood without difficulty, ranging from 70 mm wide to 5000 mm long. This feature is a significant advantage, making the system highly efficient.

Enhanced Productivity with Vacuum Lifter and Partial Automation
euroTECH’s vacuum lifter boosted wood processing productivity with a partial automation solution that simplifies the processing of squared timber layers, enhances workflow speed, and improves ergonomics. This intelligent lifting system also reduces the need for complicated controls and sensor technology, and eliminates the need for safety fences, creating an efficient work environment.

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