Sendbird Launches SmartAssistant, the First No-Code Generative AI Chatbot for Web and Mobile Apps

AI solution for commerce, marketing, and customer service experiences

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sendbird, the global in-app conversations platform powering over 300 million monthly active users across 4000 apps, today announced the launch of its SmartAssistant, a first-of-its-kind, conversational AI solution for marketing, commerce, and customer service. SmartAssistant is a highly flexible AI chatbot for apps that provides high-quality responses to user queries. Whether it’s answering frequently asked questions, offering personalized product recommendations, or troubleshooting order issues, Sendbird’s SmartAssistant ensures helpful and human-like responses throughout the customer journey.

Creating an AI-powered chat app can be remarkably fast and seamless using the Sendbird Chat UIKit. And now, with SmartAssistants being deployable from the Sendbird dashboard, with no coding required, any developer can launch a SmartAssistant proof-of-concept in a few minutes. The Sendbird UIKits are available for iOS, Android, React, and React Native, catering to the needs of all developers embedding conversations in mobile and web applications.

“Organizations are defined by their customer experience, but many are lacking the teams and the tools to differentiate themselves,” said John S. Kim, CEO and Co-founder of Sendbird. “Our SmartAssistant puts the power of generative AI to work, with savvy prompts and guard bands, so that it can become an extension of the team. This allows companies to take service to the next level and provide even higher quality experiences.”

Meet Your New (and Most Productive) SmartAssistant

Sendbird’s new SmartAssistant stands out because it combines the fluency of advanced language models with unique knowledge and business insights derived from private data, which is fed to the Large Language Model (LLM). This allows the AI assistant to provide highly relevant answers tailored to prospects’ and customers’ exact needs while maintaining a human-like interaction that prevents users from feeling like they are conversing with a machine. The result is a highly personalized experience that fosters a strong sense of connection.

SmartAssistant is now available on the Sendbird platform to provide value across the entire customer journey. With Sendbird Chat already integrated into thousands of apps across various industries like communities, healthcare, fintech, on-demand services, and e-commerce/marketplaces, Sendbird conversational AI chatbots can significantly enhance the experience of hundreds of millions of users overnight. Currently, Sendbird powers 7+ billion messages monthly for 4,000+ web and mobile apps.

To watch a demo and discover how Sendbird’s AI SmartAssistant can transform your marketing, sales, and support strategy, elevating your business, go to

About Sendbird

Sendbird, a member company of Born2Global Centre, believes conversations are at the heart of building relationships and getting things done. The company’s global conversations platform powers over 7 billion mobile messages and interactions monthly. Industry leaders like Carousell, Traveloka, RedDoorz, Tiket, Rakuten, Viki, AirAsia, TADA, RuangGuru, Ralali, Reddit, and Paytm build with Sendbird chat, voice, video, and livestream APIs to create a differentiated user experience that improves customer retention, conversion, and satisfaction.

Headquartered in California in additions to its APAC operations in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Sendbird is venture-backed by ICONIQ Growth, STEADFAST Capital Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Meritech Capital, Emergence Capital, Shasta Ventures, August Capital, Funders Club, World Innovation Lab, and Y Combinator.