SYDNEY, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon Valley-based AI startup MixerBox, the largest developer in the ChatGPT Plugin Store, has released a Beta version of the company’s latest plugin—MixerBox ChatMap—with built-in Google Maps API integration to transform navigation for the age of AI. The MixerBox ChatMap Plugin is the first ChatGPT maps plugin for real-world navigation, as well as the world’s first AI chatbot for maps. This launch solidifies the Australian-led startup’s position as the largest developer on the ChatGPT Plugin Store by plugin count, with more than 10 plugins in the plugin store.

Australian-led MixerBox launches ChatMap, the world’s first AI chatbot for maps.

“MixerBox has long been committed to developing super-apps to make people’s lives more convenient,” said John Lai, the Taiwanese-Australian Founder and CEO of MixerBox. “We believe that by combining generative AI technology, we can reimagine every life essential app for the age of AI and develop ChatGPT plugins to empower users to do things not previously possible.”

Starting now, ChatGPT Plus users can access and use the MixerBox ChatMap Plugin for free. Users without ChatGPT Plus can download MixerBox ChatAI from the App Store/Google Play to experience the innovative map AI chatbot for free.

Including ChatMap, MixerBox has so far released more than 10 ChatGPT plugins. These include MixerBox WebSearchG, which is equipped with Google Search; MixerBox Weather, which provides real-time global weather forecasts; and MixerBox ChatPDF, which can analyse and summarise any PDF files. This has made MixerBox the developer with the most published plugins in the ChatGPT Plugin Store, which currently has a total of 682 plugins (as of 13 July 2023).

“ChatGPT is the ‘iPhone moment’ of AI, and the emergence of ChatGPT Plugin Store is similar to the ‘App Store moment’ of AI,” Lai said. “We are very optimistic about the market prospects of ChatGPT Plugins and will continue to develop more plugins to promote the prosperity of the ChatGPT ecosystem.”

The MixerBox ChatMap Plugin connects directly with the Google Maps API to quickly read and summarise Google Maps information based on user instructions. Compared to traditional map apps, ChatMap offers a more intuitive interface by allowing users to “chat” directly with the map system using natural human language. Users no longer need to figure out how to operate the cumbersome button-filled user interfaces of traditional map apps to get things done, and can instead directly ask for recommendations such as nearby restaurants or shops, or the best driving route to get from point A to point B. Users can save even more time by using ChatMap in combination with other MixerBox plugins, and ask conditional, multi-part questions in a single prompt. This sets MixerBox apart and ahead of competitive maps apps.

MixerBox is an AI Super-Apps technology company founded by John Lai, a Taiwanese-Australian entrepreneur. As a teenager, he discovered a passion for computer programming that inspired him to pursue computer engineering at the University of New South Wales. During his studies, Lai’s team won the Australian Championship and a silver medal at the world finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest(ICPC). Lai graduated from UNSW with 1st Class Honours and the University Medal, and went on to earn a master’s degree at Harvard University in the US.

Lai’s experiences and successes inspired him to start MixerBox in 2012 to help people live easier lives through its 24/7 daily-essential mobile apps platform. MixerBox successfully attracted early investors including the Silicon Valley unicorn accelerator Y Combinator, Former Facebook CTO & Quora founder/CEO Adam D’Angelo, and Gmail creator Paul Buchheit. To date, the company’s apps have surpassed 300 million downloads worldwide. App by app, MixerBox strives to become the “Anything, Anytime Super-Apps Platform” that provides a more convenient lifestyle for people around the globe.

The MixerBox ChatMap Plugin is available now on ChatGPT Plugin Store for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

MixerBox ChatMap is also available for free within the MixerBox ChatAI app on App Store / Google Play:

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MixerBox solidifies its position as the largest developer on the ChatGPT Plugin Store by plugin count, with more than 10 plugins in the plugin store.


“MixerBox ChatMap + MixerBox Weather” Combo use case, which can save users hours of time by using one plugin in combination with another.


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