Segway Releases its Next-gen Robotic Lawn Mower-Navimow i Series in the US

An array of smart features ensures a highly efficient, wire-free mowing experience, available online starting today.

DUSSELDORF, Germany, March 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Segway, a leading pioneer in personal transportation and robotics, proudly announces the official release of its highly anticipated Navimow i Series robotic lawn mower. The Navimow i Series marks a significant leap forward in automated lawn maintenance technology, offering unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and precision in lawn care, and will be available for purchase starting today.

The aim of the Navimow i Series is to provide a highly accessible robotic lawn mower tool for lawn owners of all kinds, pushing the revolution from traditional lawn mowing to a smart, hands-free mowing generation. The Navimow i Series packs an array of advanced smart features:

Industry-leading vision-enhanced RTK system

Only robotic lawnmowers that offer accurate positioning and route planning can be truly relied upon by users to deliver a precision cut every time. To ensure a high level of dependability, Segway has developed its own vision enhanced RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning system, that combines a customized RTK chip with a vision system enabled by a 140°POV camera. As a result, the Navimow i Series can handle a diverse range of lawn layouts while providing centimeter-level positioning, especially lawns with complex environment.

All-new AI Assistant Mapping function

The Navimow i Series leverages cutting-edge AI technology to optimize mapping accuracy. The mower’s AI-powered assistant feature identifies the edge of the user’s lawn during the mapping process and is then automatically able to navigate the entire working area all by itself. Based on the map created by the AI assistant, users can then revise and finetune the working area on the app with ease, working alongside the technology to deliver a high level of performance.

Smart features designed for flawless lawn maintenance

Navimow i Series users can enjoy scheduled cutting that allows them to keep their lawn in check even when they’re away on holiday. The model can mow according to a planned schedule, even automatically recharging when needed, guaranteeing a pristine lawn 100% of the time. Segway’s latest offering also employs a unique zigzag cutting pattern, changing angle after the first round of mowing is complete to ensure every blade of grass is covered. Finally, users can opt to turn on Ride-on Boundary mode where the i Series straddles the physical boundary between grass and non-grass areas, servicing those tough-to-reach lawn edges that both traditional and robotic mowers struggle to reach.

George Ren, CEO of Segway Navimow, commented: “With the Navimow i Series we wanted to create a robotic mower that caters to everyone, from users that have zero experience with robotic or even traditional mowers, to green-fingered gardening extraordinaires. We believe that our latest offering delivers mass usability, with a host of smart features delivering an easy-to-use product experience and a competitive price point that makes the i Series more accessible than almost every other robotic mower on the market.

Pricing and availability

Segway Navimow offers two models: i105 covers 1/8 acre, and i110 covers 1/4 acre. The two variants will be priced at $999 and $1,299 respectively, marking one of the most accessible wire-free robotic lawn mowers in the market. Consumers placed order between March 1st to March 14th on, will have the chance to earn a free Garage S, originally priced at $199.99, or a free Access+ 4G module, priced at $149.99, promotion ends when the gifts are out of stock.