A Portable Robot life Companion: UGREEN Unveils Nexode RG 65W Charger in Malaysia and Singapore

SHENZHEN, China, March 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — UGREEN, a global leader in consumer electronics and charging technology, is excited to unveil its Nexode RG 65W Charger in Malaysia and Singapore. The product transcends the conventional multi-port charger, offering not only safety and efficiency but also serving as an enchanting robotic companion. It’s meticulously crafted to infuse a spark of joy into daily routines.

The Nexode RG stands as an exquisite piece of art and a delightful daily companion. In contrast to the standard designs of ordinary chargers, the Nexode RG boasts a whimsical and distinctive robot design, captivating users who seek more than mere functionality.

At the heart of Nexode RG’s creation is its designer, Canyu Yang, who dared to challenge the conventional minimalist and business-centric design ethos. Christy Wang, Product Manager of UGREEN said, “Canyu’s vision was not just about functionality, but also about creating an emotional connection. He chose to infuse the charger with an artful, compact aesthetic, enhancing its warmth and charm. His personal love for music also found its way into the design, culminating in the delightful concept of a small robot, charmingly adorned with headphones. This fusion of technology and artistry is what sets the product apart.”

Empowered by the cutting-edge GaNFast™ technology, the Nexode RG delivers fast-charging capabilities that outperform traditional silicon-based chargers. With the Airpyra™ technology, the charger boasts a greatly reduced size for easy portability, making it ideal for home, work, or travel. With two USB C ports and one USB A port, it is compatible with all modern smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Impressively, it can charge iPhone 15 Pro to 60% or MacBook Air M2 to 51% in just 30 minutes.

UGREEN always prioritizes user safety above all. Understanding concerns about safety during the charging process, the Nexode RG is built with flame-retardant and durable materials. To further enhance safety, UGREEN’s Thermal Guard™ system continuously monitors the device’s temperature. This vigilant monitoring helps prevent potential issues such as short circuits, overloads, and overvoltage, ensuring a safe and worry-free charging experience.

Starting March 3, the UGREEN Nexode RG 65W Charger is available for purchase on online platforms including Shopee Malaysia, Lazada Malaysia, TikTok Shop Malaysia, Shopee Singapore, Lazada Singapore, TikTok Shop Singapore, and Amazon Singapore.

For additional details, please visit https://www.ugreen.com/.