Seal Storage Technology Bolsters Compliance with HIPAA-Compliant Blockchain-Based Data Storage

TORONTO, Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — – Seal Storage Technology, a leading provider of blockchain-powered cloud storage, is now able to enter Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) to handle protected health information (PHI) with its completion of HIPAA certification. Seal’s compliance with HIPAA regulations is further enhanced by meeting the stringent standards set by the HITECH Act, solidifying Seal’s role in safeguarding healthcare data. This development is not just about the audit itself, but more importantly, it represents an expanded capability to provide secure and compliant data management solutions in the healthcare sector. This underscores Seal’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and integrity in healthcare, giving healthcare providers and patients the confidence that their valuable data is stored with the utmost vigilance.

In the dynamic digital landscape, data security and compliance have never been more critical, particularly in the healthcare sector. Healthcare organizations that deal with patient data, medical records, insurance claims, and treatment plans are referred to as Covered Entities under HIPAA regulations. They require the highest levels of protection and privacy. Blockchain ensures the verifiability, traceability, and complete immutability of data records, an essential tool to protect healthcare data by providing decentralization and cryptographic algorithms. Decentralization ensures there is no single point of failure for healthcare data and data integrity is guaranteed because blockchain is tamper-proof. Through Seal’s HIPAA-certified healthcare data storage solution, Seal is dedicated to providing assurance to clients in the healthcare industry.

“A HIPAA Business Associate is a company that provides critical additional services to Covered Entities as defined by HIPAA,” explains Bruce McKnight, Seal’s Director of Technical Operations who leads compliance efforts. “Seal is now certified and perfectly positioned to be the go-to business associate for storage of healthcare records.”

“Seal redefines data security in healthcare with our HIPAA-compliant blockchain-based data storage. Achieving HIPAA compliance reflects our dedication to setting the highest bar for data security and integrity in healthcare,” said Scott Doughman, Seal Chief Business Officer. 

This announcement is already resonating in the industry as Seal recently signed new Healthcare clients such as Boxfin Inc., along with its Common Care division. This represents a major advancement in the field of healthcare data management, signaling a new era in custodial record keeping by leveraging blockchain-powered data storage.

In the face of escalating cybersecurity threats in healthcare, Seal’s HIPAA-compliant blockchain-based data storage offers a robust solution, setting a new benchmark for data protection in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Seal ensures that its data storage not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing a secure and resilient environment for healthcare data.

About Seal Storage Technology

Seal Storage Technology is a blockchain-powered decentralized cloud storage platform that provides enterprise-grade, immutable, and compliant data storage. Seal serves enterprises, universities, and research institutes, using the highest data security and protection standards. Seal is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. Data centers are enterprise-grade and powered by renewable energy. sealstorage.ioX | LinkedIn

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