Vidnoz AI Unveils Voice Clone to Enhance Brand Attributes and User Engagement

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Vidnoz, the forefront AI-powered video platform, recently introduced a groundbreaking feature, Voice Clone, within its free AI video generator. This innovation allows its users to clone their voices and speak in over 80 languages while preserving their authentic tones. With ultra-realistic Voice Clone and Custom Avatar, Vidnoz empowers brands to create exclusive and recognizable video content that resonates directly with the audience, enhancing brand affinity, loyalty, and user engagement.

Vidnoz AI creates free Text-to-Speech videos with lifelike avatars in 1 minute.

Accenture finds that 83% of consumers are most likely to engage with a brand that uses personalized experiences. Vidnoz AI, recognizing the importance of personalization, provides free access for users to clone their unique voice, and an advanced way to custom their exclusive avatar. This innovative approach enables brand videos to seamlessly spread in over 80 languages while maintaining the brand attributes. Vidnoz AI empowers brands to greatly cut costs while improving their content personalization and creativity. Analyzing user feedback reveals that brands utilizing Vidnoz services have experienced an impressive 22% average increase in user engagement.

In its most recent update, Vidnoz AI has expanded its library to over 300 AI avatars, 470 realistic voices, and 350+ customizable templates. The preset elements make it easier for businesses and individuals to create a stunning video in 1 minute with a simple script. Additionally, Vidnoz AI has launched a series of free new AI Tools, Vidnoz AI Voice Changer, Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator, and AI Text to Video, AI Dancing Photo. These AI tools provide creators with a steady stream of creativity, making video creation more interesting and efficient. As of this publication, Vidnoz has provided free services to over 3,000,000 users, resulting in the generation of over 10 million visually striking videos.

Sam Brown, Product Manager of Vidnoz AI, states: “Voice Cloning is a game changer, taking AI videos to a brand new level. It grants more authenticity and richer human emotion to AI videos. Our team strives to boost productivity while exponentially enhancing creativity. Personalization remains a key competitive edge, catering to diverse users’ needs.”

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About Vidnoz

Established in 2016, Vidnoz is a trailblazing AI platform revolutionizing video creation. Vidnoz started with the mission and vision to revolutionize the traditional video creation model. In the past years, Vidnoz introduced a series of innovations to the market, including an AI Video Generator, AI Talking Avatar, AI Face Swap, AI Voice Changer, and AI Text-to-video. Vidnoz’s user-friendly platform offers a rich array of templates, customization options, and AI-driven tools, catering to diverse video creation needs spanning training, education, marketing, and entertainment industries.