Running an Online Marathon in PitPat, With Its First Stop in Boston

HOUSTON, April 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Online competition platform PitPat plans to launch a new online marathon on April 17, with the first stop set for Boston, cheers to the oldest marathon. The same as traditional marathons, PitPat will have a 26 mile long course and give bonuses based on ranking.

Different from traditional marathons, the PitPat online marathon has no limit on the number of participants, and there are no restrictions on who can participate. As long as you have a smart treadmill that can connect to PitPat. Currently, the smart treadmill brand that PitPat has partnered with StarPower, Superun (a professional sports equipment brand), and DeerRun (a female sports brand) will soon have full access. Thousands of people take part in online running every day.

Virtual Sports Events Are Becoming Trendy

With the continuous update of our smart fitness equipment. Many sports brands add new functions for a better experience, and the concept of virtual competitive events begins to appear. Unlike fitness games, PitPat combines competitions with sports and fitness. We focus more on fairness and competition. Event rules and awards are based on top global events, and the scene is more diverse. Users can choose based on interests.

Our founder believes the home fitness market will continue to expand, and immersive experiences combined with highly competitive events can stimulate users’ desire for a better self.

A Friendlier Marathon

From registration to participation, the PitPat Marathon reflects the advantages which online races have. There is no need for screening, lottery, and qualification, and you can participate as long as you are physically able to do so. Those who join you in the race may be friends, neighbors, professionals, or stars. In the PitPat world, everything is possible.

PitPat online marathons will be more fun. In PitPat, gamified scenarios will give users more options, a voice interaction system will allow you to communicate with other runners, and rewards and commemorative badges will make you feel involved.

“It’s not simply running a race on PitPat,” the founders said. “We want to build an online competition platform that can serve hundreds of millions of users.” In the future, more smart fitness devices will be connected to PitPat. Users can experience excitement and challenge at home.

About PitPat

Founded by JOYFIT, PitPat is dedicated to the research & development of smart sports technology and has many years of experience in the area. PitPat currently does not require a membership fee, and will gradually offer free classes in the coming years to help users with their workouts. To learn more, check out