Romance-related Spending Surges on JD Shop Now for Valentine’s Day

SHANGHAI, Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — During this year’s Valentine’s Day, which came shortly after Chinese New Year, sales of traditional romantic gifts like flowers, chocolates and cakes spiked on JD Shop Now, the on-demand retail business jointly launched by and Dada Group, which delivers to consumers’ doorsteps within one hour.

As an essential part of JD’s eco-system, JD Shop Now closely links various physical retail stores, playing an important role in the product transaction network to improve the overall efficiency of goods picking and delivery.

From February 11 to 12, sales of flowers increased more than 3 times compared with that from February 4 to 5, with sales on February 14 accounting for about 60 percent of the whole festival period from Feb 11 to 14, according to JD Shop Now.

The number of searches for gifts to wives/girlfriends and husbands/boyfriends were both around sevenfold higher than on normal days. Data from JD Shop Now shows that beauty sets, perfume and jewelry are listed as the top 3 gifts for women, and sales of makeup sets, perfume and silver ornaments were up by 10, 2 and 7 times respectively. Game machines, electric razors and skin-care sets are the most popular gifts for men.

Spending for pets was a clear growth trend, according to data. JD Shop Now saw sales surge in outdoor potable pet kits, pet medical products and beauty supplies.

Consumers’ shopping preferences vary in different cities. Consumers living in Shanghai shopped for a lot of chocolate products from JD Shop Now, followed by Dalian, Shijiazhuang, Shenzhen and Wuhan. Meanwhile, those in Beijing took the lead in consumption of flowers, Guangzhou is top in beauty consumption, and consumers in Qingdao purchased mainly in outdoor sports equipment.

About cooperation between Dada Group and

In October 2021, Dada Group and jointly launched the Shop Now service, and “Nearby”, a new tab on the homepage of’s app, which were designed to connect customers to nearby offline stores. The new business was overall undertaken by Dada Group. Shop Now service enhances on-demand location-based retail capabilities of both Dada and JD to provide one-hour  retail and delivery services for consumers and partners. By clicking into the new Nearby tab, JD’s roughly 588 million users will have the opportunity to discover offline stores within a 3-5 kilometer radius of their shipping address with a wide array of product offerings.