Edianyun Wins a Global Scientific and Technological Award

BEIJING, Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently at the 2022 (9th) Global Leasing Industry Competitiveness Forum Summit, Edianyun won the award of “Best Technological Innovation Company to Support SMEs”.

As one of the most influential events in China’s leasing industry at present, the online Summit has attracted over 1,000 global organizations and more than 20,000 attendees.

The Summit is themed “A New Journey for Services Entities and New Actions for Leasing Transformation”. After the unanimous evaluation by the expert committee and fierce competition with other candidates, Edianyun stood out and won an influential and authoritative award.

In the award speech for Edianyun, the organizer said, “The past eight years have seen the efforts of this company to start the era of service-oriented office infrastructure in China. In the past, many SMEs faced office IT pain points and those issues have created a market for office IT services on a subscription basis that adopts a usage-based service mode. Founded in 2014, Beijing Ediantao Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is China’s first and largest office IT integrated solution provider.”

Actually, Edianyun is never a simple leasing company. Instead, it is committed to being an office IT service provider with technological innovation. Currently, Edianyun boasts over 120 patents and serves more than 40,000 customers nationwide with its advanced technology.

In terms of basic customer service, Edianyun’s self-developed Nebula system integrates devices, capacities, planning, customer relationship management and service visualization, and other internal management content, thus connecting both the front-end and back-end of Edianyun’s operation. In the meantime, the company provides 24/7 remote IT service and support to ensure convenient and comprehensive IT services.

In terms of service network, Edianyun also offers door-to-door on-site services to customers. The Nebula system can intelligently deploy engineers nationwide and dispatch work orders to the most suitable engineers according to the real-time locations and task difficulty, to ensure on-site maintenance is performed within 2-4 hours.

In terms of remanufacturing capacity, Edianyun’s remanufacturing factory can promise an annual production of over 600,000 devices. With Edianyun’s self-developed MES system, the cause of the fault can be accurately identified, so as to achieve chip-level repair by replacing only the faulty unit as necessary. While improving remanufacturing efficiency, the company also makes contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction by reducing carbon emissions by 50,000 tons on a yearly basis.

In the future, Edianyun will continue to make technological innovations and focus on office IT to improve service capacity and make office IT easier for SMEs.