RoboSense Secures Three Prestigious Awards from SAE

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RoboSense, a global leader in the LiDAR and perception solutions market, proudly announces a triumphant sweep at the 2023 SAE International (a globally active professional association and standards developing organization for engineering professionals in various industries) Conference (6th edition) on Automotive Intelligence and Connected Technology, held on September 22-23. The company clinched three coveted awards in the Chinese Intelligent Connected Vehicle industry: “Influential Figure of the Year,” “Innovation Technology,” and “Outstanding Component Enterprise in Intelligent Connected Vehicles.”

RoboSense Secures Three Prestigious Awards from SAE International

1. Influential Figure of the Year

RoboSense’s Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Qiu Chunxin, was honored as the “Influential Figure of the Year.” Dr. Qiu Chunxin stood out among industry leaders for his significant contributions to business strategy, product innovation, business achievements, and management philosophy. The selection process considered influence, execution, and innovation, recognizing Dr. Qiu’s leadership in steering RoboSense toward substantial breakthroughs in laser radar hardware, software, and perception fusion solutions.

2. Innovation Technology Award

The RoboSense E1 solid-state blind-spot Solid-State LiDAR secured the “Innovation Technology” award, making it the sole LiDAR product to receive recognition at this year’s event. The award criteria included innovation, advancement, importance, and application prospects, focusing on solving critical technical challenges in emerging technologies for intelligent connected vehicles.

The E1 LiDAR, with its cutting-edge solid-state technology, offers blind spot coverage within its wide field of view, boasting high resolution and detection capabilities. With RoboSense’s proprietary chip and 2D electronic scanning technology, the E1 simplifies circuit design and production processes, providing a competitive edge in both performance and cost-effectiveness while meeting market demands for LiDAR lifespan and reliability.

3. Outstanding Component Enterprise Award

RoboSense was recognized as the “Outstanding Component Enterprise in Intelligent Connected Vehicles (Perception and Positioning)” for its robust research and development capabilities, leading market position, comprehensive product validation, stable supply chain, and rigorous system certification.

This award, evaluating factors such as market share, R&D strength, future potential, and financial capabilities, underscores RoboSense’s excellence in the subfield of intelligent connected vehicle technology. The company’s focus on LiDAR as a core component, combined with perception solutions integrating vision or other sensors, makes the world safer and smarter by endowing automobiles and robots with perception capabilities superior to human eyes.

RoboSense’s achievements at the 2023 SAE International Conference underscore its commitment to driving innovation in the intelligent connected vehicle industry.