RippleHire and hrtech partner to launch an HR Guide to help Talent Acquisition (TA) teams identify and leverage the best-fit Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to hire top talent

The Ultimate Guide for Evaluating your ATS Vendor

SINGAPORE, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The world we live in is constantly changing. With each new generation coming into the workforce, candidate expectations are evolving. Delivering an exceptional candidate experience is critical for organizations to attract and convert the very best candidates to employees. However, delivering a premium candidate experience is really hard to do. It requires several stakeholders within the organization to seamlessly interact, evaluate and paint a consistent picture. Top talent demands top experience. Prioritizing an ATS that delivers a premium candidate experience is imperative for transformative hiring outcomes.

hrtech, the Singapore-headquartered HR Technology Advisory & Consulting firm, collaborated with RippleHire to launch ‘The Ultimate Guide for Evaluating your ATS Vendor‘. This HR guide addresses the challenges faced by the Talent Acquisition teams and helps them identify the purpose and process behind buying the best-fit ATS. RippleHire is a cloud-based hiring platform that enables TA teams to identify and acquire quality talent effortlessly. It has served organizations from various industries – Mphasis, Axis Bank, Tata Steel, LTIMindtree, HDFC Life, Aditya Birla Group, Quest Global, and more.

Delivering an exceptional candidate experience is critical for organizations to attract top talent. This guide shares success stories and methods to identify the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to deliver a premium candidate experience; Driving transformative hiring outcomes. This guide underlines the fact that the user experience of your ATS will determine your adoption and hiring success thereby bringing good talent to your doorstep, driving business outcomes.

It covers all the fundamentals of an ATS, including its purpose, use, benefits and the various hurdles that await Talent Acquisition teams in their recruitment journey. It also provides in-depth insights into the working mechanism of an ATS along with the recruitment tech stack. This HR Guide speaks the language of numbers and facts. Every section is supported by thorough research and statistics to verify the authenticity of the guide content.

This HR Guide will also serve as a literal guide for TA teams in their quest to identify and buy the right-fit ATS for their organization. It not only explains the purpose behind buying an ATS but also lists the features that are critical to seamless recruitment workflow management and enhance the candidate experience. What makes this HR Guide a must-have is the exhaustive list of questions that you must ask the ATS vendor to verify the authenticity and the product quality before making the purchase.

“Recruiters are superheroes. They help you land your first job and progress through your career. At the pace at which the world of talent is evolving, recruiters need superpowers (smart solutions) to efficiently deliver value to their organisations. At RippleHire, we build products that equip them with the armor they need to do their best work. Our cloud-based hiring solutions keep up with the constantly evolving candidate expectations and market trends. A smart ATS is like a powerful weapon in the recruiter’s arsenal. If used correctly, it takes away the transactional elements of their work, and empowers them to focus on strategically delivering the required talent outcomes. 

This guide, put together in partnership with the hrtech team helps TA leaders to understand the importance of investing in an ATS to drive TA transformation, and to take their talent acquisition process to the next level.” Keerthi Kariappa, Chief Customer Officer, RippleHire spoke about the potential of this HR Guide.

“There are no second thoughts about the value a smart ATS can provide to organizations in their efforts to optimize and streamline the hiring process. ATS tech is truly an essential aspect of every TA team. Moreover, with the world shifting towards remote and hybrid work models, ATS becomes the first key touchpoint to a great candidate experience. This HR Guide captures the purpose of an ATS and highlights its role in enhancing CX and driving better business outcomes.” Sriram Iyer, Founder & CEO, hrtech shares his two cents on why organizations need an ATS to grow faster.

About RippleHire

RippleHire exists to make recruiting effortless, human and delightful. Since 2012, we have served over 800k+ users across 35 countries with our gamified referral and talent acquisition cloud platform.

Our intelligent end-to-end ATS helps you to efficiently hire the right talent, enabling you to deliver best in class experience to both – recruiters as well as candidates. It is deep in thought, simple to use and powerful to govern. Our customers build a powerful hiring engine on our enterprise platform. An engine that helps you deliver top line growth. We have helped our customers achieve 4.7/5 candidate experience and a 4.5/5 recruiter experience.

RippleHire Referrals is a market leader in referral technology. Known as the category creator, Ripplehire Referrals helps companies transform their referral program from a reactive channel to a proactive sourcing channel, driving improved time to hire and quality of hire.

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We are a Singapore-headquartered HR Tech Advisory & Consulting firm, enabling Workplace & Workforce Transformations to deliver strong Business & HR outcomes. Our singular vision is to create a tech-driven and data-centric HR ecosystem for driving successful Workplace & Talent Transformations that will enable organisations to grow and HR teams to become strategic business partners. We help Indian enterprises in identifying the right-fit HR Tech solutions for solving their business challenges, leveraging our partnership with best-in-class HR Tech product providers.