Allion Labs Appointed as Authorized Vendor Test Lab for OpenSync Certification

TAIPEI, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Allion Labs, a renowned technology testing and certification company, is proud to announce its new designation as an Authorized Vendor Test Lab (AVL) for OpenSync® certification. Through this strategic partnership Allion and Plume® will provide Allion customers efficient integration for rapid deployment of Plume’s innovative cloud-based platform for connected home services – expediting time to market.

Plume Design, Inc., a global leader in intelligent Wi-Fi and smart home services, has chosen Allion as a Plume-trusted partner to expand Plume’s certification program. Allion’s extensive experience in testing and validating cutting-edge technologies, coupled with Allion’s state-of-the-art facilities and expert engineers, make Allion an ideal fit for the rigorous requirements of OpenSync certification.

As an AVL for OpenSync certification, Allion will provide comprehensive testing services to manufacturers seeking OpenSync certification for their Wi-Fi systems and connected devices. By leveraging their advanced testing methodologies and industry-leading equipment, Allion is committed to ensuring that Plume-certified products meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and interoperability.

“Allion is thrilled to be appointed as an AVL for OpenSync certification,” said Robert Yao, President of Allion-USA.” This partnership highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional testing and certification services to the technology industry. By working closely with Plume, we will play a key role in ensuring the success and seamless integration of their intelligent Wi-Fi and smart home services.”

OpenSync certification offers manufacturers the opportunity to differentiate their products in the market by showcasing their compatibility with Plume’s innovative platform. Certified products will benefit from the industry-leading features of the Plume cloud, such as AI-driven optimization, advanced cybersecurity, and personalized home services. This collaboration between Allion and Plume will empower manufacturers to create connected home solutions that deliver delightful user experiences.

“By partnering with Allion, we are confident that we have found a reliable and capable AVL to support our certification program,” said Alain Shen, Director of Business Development – OpenSync. ” Allion’s proven track record in testing and certification, combined with their expertise in emerging technologies, makes them an ideal partner as we continue to grow and expand our ecosystem of Plume-certified products.”

Manufacturers interested in OpenSync certification can now access Allion’s specialized testing services to ensure their products meet Plume’s stringent requirements for certification. With Allion’s state-of-the-art laboratories and dedicated engineers, manufacturers can accelerate their time to market and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving connected home industry.

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Deployed widely by leading CSPs globally, OpenSync is a hardware- and cloud-agnostic, open-source software defined networking framework that enables the curation, delivery, management, support, and operation of residential and small business services at scale. OpenSync creates a secure, open, and unified services and data ecosystem with over 2.5 billion devices managed to date. In addition to native deployment, OpenSync can be implemented over RDK and OpenWRT. With OpenSync, CPE and device ecosystem partners gain detailed performance analytics, broad visibility, and extensive insights.

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