Revolutionizing Education with AI: Dr. Joleen Liang of Squirrel Ai Spearheads Discussion at Yandex’s Education Conference

MOSCOW, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yandex, the Russian internet giant, recently hosted the fourth edition of YAC/e (Yet Another Conference On Education). The conference, centered on the theme of “Technology Reinvents Education”, brought together a diverse group of experts in education and technology from across the globe, drawing tens of thousands of online and offline visitors. As the sole representative of China’s education technology sector, Dr. Joleen Liang, co-founder of Squirrel Ai Learning, opened the conference with a presentation on the groundbreaking applications of AI adaptive education technology.

Squirrel Ai co-founder Dr. Joleen Liang delivers an opening speech

Frequently likened to Google, Yandex is a leading internet and technology titan in Russia. YAC/e, an annual world-renowned educational technology event hosted by Yandex, aims to forge a seamless connection between technology and education. This year’s YAC/e conference centers on exploring how AI technology can improve the quality of learning, enrich student-teacher interactions, and unlock the boundless opportunities of AI in education. In her opening address, Dr. Liang underscored AI’s potential to tackle challenges such as the uneven distribution of traditional educational resources, standardized teaching methods, and reliance on rote learning. Despite growing competition in AI education, Squirrel Ai has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly a decade. This year, the company attained a noteworthy achievement by pioneering the development of the globe’s first comprehensive Large Adaptive Model (LAM) encompassing all subjects. Dr. Liang noted that that while many in the field are still at the L2 stage, Squirrel Ai has reached the L5 level, indicating a fully-developed adaptive learning system.

Dr. Liang also highlighted the framework of Squirrel Ai’s LAM, comprising the application Layer, the model layer, and the data layer. The data layer leverages Squirrel Ai’s innovative micro-granularity knowledge segmentation to create tailored knowledge maps and learning objectives for each student. The model layer, in turn, collects real-time data to dynamically update student profiles and accurately recommend targeted learning content that addresses their specific needs. Integrated with Squirrel Ai’s proprietary MCM (Mode of Thinking, Capability and Methodology) model, this layer aims to cultivate students’ thinking patterns, enhance their learning capabilities, and refine their learning strategies. The application layer fosters meaningful educational interactions through data exchange, enriching the learning experience. The comprehensive architecture offers a vast array of learning pathways and feedback mechanisms, embodying the essence of personalized teaching.

At the business model level, Squirrel Ai bridges the online and offline gap, adopting an innovative closed-loop business model that integrates software and hardware, covering the trifecta of “engine, content, and service.” In 2023, Squirrel Ai achieved a remarkable milestone by establishing 2,000 offline intelligent learning centers and selling 200,000 learning machine sets, accelerating the adoption of AI-powered education in the process.