Gyroor Kids E Suitcase “GNU” A Fairy Tale Reimagined for Innovative E Mobility will be unveiled at Global Sources Mobile Electronics 2024

LAS VEGAS, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co., Ltd., a company that continuously promotes the boundaries of innovation in smart E mobility solutions, showcased its latest kids e mobility innovation, “GNU,” in a striking presentation at the Global Sources Exhibition in Hong Kong today. This product not only continues Gyroor’s brilliant achievements on international stages such as IFA and CES but also embodies the brand’s vision of seamlessly integrating technology with childlike wonder.

“GNU” is an innovative product designed for children, part of Gyroor’s commitment to its three main product lines: Kids, Urban, and Powered By Gyro. It combines elegant design, advanced safety features, and entertainment, aiming to provide kids explorers around the world with a travel mode that is both safe and fun.

Jason Zhang, the founder and CEO of Gyroor stated, “The design concept of ‘GNU’ originates from their deep understanding of how technology can improve everyday family life. Their success at IFA and CES showcased Gyroor’s innovative capabilities and keen insight into market demands. The launch of ‘GNU’ is a further fulfillment of this aim.”

In addition to “GNU,” Gyroor also showcased the latest advancements in its Urban and Powered By Gyro series, demonstrating the company’s efforts to provide urban residents with more convenient and environmental travel options. From electric skateboards to smart electric vehicles, Gyroor is committed to meeting the needs of different user groups with innovative solutions, improve the development of the smart mobility industry forward.

Gyroor’s participation not only showcased its technological innovation and pioneering design in the field of smart mobility but also highlighted its profound insights into future modes of travel. With its impressive presentation at the Global Sources Exhibition in Hong Kong, Gyroor looks forward to exploring the limitless possibilities of smart mobility with global partners and customers.

Gyroor, as an innovative brand under Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co., Ltd., has always been dedicated to enhancing the travel experience through technological innovation. Through continuous research and development, Gyroor has launched a series of safe, environmentally, friendly, and beautifully designed smart mobility products, meeting the global demand for a high-quality lifestyle.

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