Realsee helping to revive tourism and win new business

BEIJING, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, VR applications have become a source of innovation and business transformation, with the boundaries between virtual and physical reality increasingly blurred.

Tourism in Thailand was hit hard by the pandemic, and winning back international visitors has once again taken precedent. In partnership with Realsee, a leader in integrated digital space integrated solutions, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)  hopes to accelerate the recovery of the local tourism industry by building an immersive VR marketing platform to showcase Thailand’s beautiful hotels, resorts, restaurants, and museums using lifelike VR scenarios.

Using Realsee’s proprietary spatial acquisition equipment and leading 3D reconstruction technology, these spaces will be accessible through virtual tours, allowing tourists to visit at anytime from anywhere. “With the help of REALSEE G1 smartphone gimbal, we’ll be able to immerse guests in our charming environment, and share our VR link on social media for more exposure,” said a representative from the famous Khao thong Hill Cafe.

Realsee VR technology is now front of mind for marketers seeking to differentiate and grow revenue. According to the head of Slater Resort Phuket, “Customers focus on the room layouts and facilities when selecting a hotel. This spatial information, lost in pictures alone, is restored through VR. This life-like feeling can help customers make better-informed decisions and improve booking conversion rates.” The VR panoramic space created by Realsee allows consumers to navigate guided points easily, with embedded multimedia tags highlighting three-dimensional spatial information and enhancing the user experience.

In addition to tourism, Realsee VR technology has been widely adopted by major exhibitions and events. Due to the pandemic, restricted in-person attendance at exhibition sites has affected business conversion rates for participating brands. The 2022 annual Digital Economy Promotion Authority of Thailand (DEPA) exhibition invited Realsee to connect these missing links. Using the REALSEE G1, the five-floor venue was brought to life digitally. Visitors from around the world are able to tour the exhibition hall using a VR link, obtaining exhibition and brand information generated by the Realsee VR App.

As a trusted partner of global brands, Realsee has paved the way for a new way of doing business, bridging consumers with over 190+ brands in 27 countries. VR-enabled marketing is already widespread among many offline marketing events and has triggered a paradigm shift for both user experience and business efficiency in a digital era. Realsee’s cutting-edge technology and cost-effective  solutions  have empowered marketers across industries, including real estate, home decoration, tourism, exhibitions, new retail, and more.