For the third time in a row, JA Solar Recognized as Overall High Achiever in RETC 2022 PVMI Report

BEIJING, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JA Solar has once again been recognized as “Overall High Achiever” for its DeepBlue 3.0 excellent performance in the strict testing of modules for quality, reliability and performance in the 2022 PV Module Index Report (PVMI) recently released by the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC), a leading engineering services and certification testing provider for renewable energy products. This is the third recognition in a row for JA Solar since RETC first launched the PVMI report in 2019.

The Photovoltaic Module Index Report (PVMI) is well-known for evaluating the quality, reliability and performance of photovoltaic modules through rigorous testing of a higher level than regular adopted standards. The professional, fair and transparent testing results provide a solid reference for financiers and developers in selecting high-quality modules, offering reliable reference data for operators in the long-term application of modules.

The 2022 PVMI Report summarizes the results of 12 months of testing on damp heat (DH2000), dynamic mechanical load (DML), solar module efficiency, PTC-to-STC ratio, PAN file test, thermal cycle test (TC600), PID Resistance, light and elevated temperature-induced degradation (LeTID), thresher test, among others. Each test holds great reference significance for the reliability of modules in practical application scenarios. Consecutively winning the “Overall High Achiever” honor further confirms the performance advantages of JA Solar modules in efficiency, reliability and power generation capacity, and perfectly reflects the “customer-oriented, to achieve optimal LCOE” module design mindset.