Quobly Names its Scientific Advisory Board

GRENOBLE, France, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Quobly, a prominent French quantum startup, has unveiled its Scientific Advisory Board marking a significant step forward in de-risking the industrialization of its silicon spin qubit-based quantum processor.

Comprising esteemed international experts in quantum research & technologies, the board will provide invaluable scientific guidance. Members include:

Bich-Yen Nguyen, Senior Fellow at Soitec, renowned for her leadership in developing SOI technologies for Digital/Mixed-Signal Analog/RF applications. With a remarkable record at Freescale/Motorola, she has been honored with prestigious titles like “Dan Noble Fellow” and “National Women in Technology Lifetime Achievement Award”. Her contributions have generated over $1 billion in revenue, with a prolific patent and publication record exceeding 200 and 350, respectively. Daniel Loss, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Basel, Switzerland, is a trailblazer in spin qubits and quantum computing. His groundbreaking work, with over 550 publications, founded the field of spin qubits, making him a highly ranked scholar and earning him accolades like the Marcel Benoist Prize, Blaise Pascal medal, and the King Faisal International Prize in Science. He founded and leads Basel Center for Quantum Computing (QC2). Min-Hsiu Hsieh, Director of Hon Hai (Foxconn) Quantum Computing Research Center in Taiwan, has been at the forefront of pioneering quantum computing research for 20 years. With a wealth of experience from esteemed institutions like the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Cambridge, his contributions to quantum information and computation are highly regarded. Seigo Tarucha, a distinguished physicist, leads a Quantum Functional System research lab at RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science and a Semiconductor Quantum Information Device research lab at RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing. With notable achievements in spin-based quantum computing, he has received numerous prestigious awards and fellowships. Yasser Omar, a Quantum Information PhD from Oxford, leads IST, U Lisbon’s Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group. His focus on quantum computation, networks and technology energetics, coupled with his pivotal roles in Quantum Flagship and CERN’s Quantum Technology Initiative, make him a valuable addition to the board.

“Our Scientific Advisory Board will be pivotal in bringing our vision to fruition – manufacturing a scalable quantum processor with expansive quantum computing capabilities,” commented Quobly CEO, Maud Vinet. “Quobly will leverage their insights to foster innovation and accelerate our progress, not only at the qubit level but also in technology development, algorithms, use cases and industry-readiness.”


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