Qianhai launches Global Service Providers Program to create a core engine of modern services in GBA

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 Qianhai Global Investment Promotion Conference commenced in Shenzhen, China on November 8. At the conference, Qianhai Global Service Providers (QGSP) Program was launched, where a wide range of incentives will be provided to support service industries. According to the Authority of Qianhai, it will render an industrial support fund of no less than one billion yuan and an industrial space of over 200,000 square kilometers every year. By 2025, it will have more than 300 modern service providers around the world and achieve an added value of over 100 billion yuan in the modern service sector.

As Qianhai’s business environment continues to optimize, more and more enterprises have noticed the improvement and considered the area as an ideal business destination. “The number of PE firms establishing new offices in Qianhai has risen sharply. As a result, we have been able to communicate with our clients and partners more frequently, conveniently, and efficiently than ever before,” a representative from SC Ventures said in an interview. “We notice that many start-up teams from Hong Kong, Macao, and overseas have been attracted to Qianhai, especially by its perfect office and living conditions, excellent conditions for science and technology innovation, and fair market opportunities. This gives us an opportunity to get closer to more outstanding start-up teams.”

Qianhai has fostered a full-fledged, multi-level professional judicial system to settle disputes in business, finance, intellectual property, and other important areas. It has also been exploring an innovative mediation process that combines international commercial mediation with foreign law ascertainment. The Shenzhen Qianhai International Commercial Mediation Center and Benchmark Chambers International & Benchmark International Mediation Center were established specifically for this purpose.

To satisfy businesses’ urgent demand for talent, Qianhai developed the International Talent Hub and International Talent One-stop Service Center, and enabled qualified professionals from Hong Kong and Macao in 16 categories like construction engineering and taxation to register to practice in Qianhai. In addition, Qianhai provides integrated services for international talent, which cover 451 items including government services, business services, etc. It also offers customized services for six types of talent occupations, such as leading scientists and technologists.

By deepening reforms in simplifying investment and trade, accelerating innovations in finance and legalization, and developing pilot programs in talent management, Qianhai has become a fertile ground for investment and business ventures.

The representative from SC Ventures added, “Qianhai offers exceptional policies to support QFLP enterprises in such areas as business establishment, market access, investment scope, foreign exchange settlement, and efficient customs clearance. Therefore, with the help of Qianhai’s competent departments, everything went smoothly in setting up a QFLP management company.”

Owen Wang, vice president of Operations of LF Logistics who has been engaged in logistics in Qianhai for years, stated, “Thanks to the support of Customs and Qianhai Authority, LF Logistics has witnessed its revenue double almost each year since joining the Qianhai Free Trade Zone in 2015.”

Liu Guilin, deputy director-general of Qianhai Authority, underscored that Qianhai will continue to promote the attraction of talent and investment well into the future in order to encourage professionals and experts from all over the world to establish businesses here. As a result, Qianhai will provide comprehensive support for talent development and actively create huge opportunities for business growth.