Chinese Opera Culture Week kicks off in Beijing Inviting global opera lovers to join the event LIVE

BEIJING, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by

Having been held for six consecutive years, the Chinese Opera Culture Week has become a well-known national opera culture brand in China. On November 4th, the 6th Chinese Opera Culture Week was launched in Beijing Garden Expo Park. Opera lovers can join the event LIVE for performance of Beijing Opera The Phoenix Returns to Its Nest, Kunqu Opera The Jade Hairpin, Pingju Opera Flowers as Matchmakers and other classic works through streaming media platforms like Yangshipin, Douyin, and bilibili, enjoy the authentic Traditional Chinese Opera anywhere around the world.

Journey to the West, a great work full of splendid literary imagination, has been widely known and discussed by netizens through continuous adaptation and dissemination. This year’s Chinese Opera Culture Week invites Fenglei Beijing Opera Troupe to debut its revival of Journey to the West. Titled Ancient Chamber: Journey to the West, the play brought the story of Journey to the West back to the mountains and rivers, gaining much of the attentions with some classic selections such as The Divine Banquet and Havoc in Heaven. Moreover, the creative combination of Chinese opera and garden landscape further captivated global opera lovers to discover the culture of traditional Chinese opera.

From the renowned Drunken Concubine to Tang Xianzu’s masterpiece The Peony Pavilion, this year’s China Opera Culture Week has set up a special live session to broadcast highlights of the event on multiple streaming media platforms. In addition, opera lovers outside China can join the event through YouTube channel Haike video, enjoying interactive games, Chinese opera themed garden party etc. Hopefully this year’s Chinese Opera Culture Week will transcend time and space, becoming a global cultural carnival shared by global opera lovers.