PitPat Supports Microsecond Statistics to Make Online Matches Fairer

HOUSTON, Jan. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to PitPat, the online racing platform, in an effort to make the statistics of online running races fairer, it now supports the display of data at the microsecond level through hardware changes and software upgrades. Users can achieve more accurate ranking during the competition through microsecond-level data statistics, making the competition fairer. As an online event platform, fairness has always been a focus of PitPat, and as new technologies continue to be updated, PitPat will be more in line with the positioning of online events.

In traditional offline competitions, to ensure the competition’s fairness, more accurate shooting equipment is usually selected to make judgments through pictures and videos. However, there are still cases of misjudgment, which seriously affects the enthusiasm of participants. Compared with the traditional offline competition, PitPat online competition has incomparable advantages. First of all, the venue of the event is changed from offline venues to intelligent treadmills. Every participant needs to complete on the treadmills, and all kinds of data monitoring can be completed through intelligent treadmills. Second, PitPat has deployed an anti-cheating system on the StarPower Smart Treadmill, using technology to equalize events.

When users buy a treadmill, they use running at home as an effective form of training. PitPat offers free training sessions that cover the basics of warm-up and switching between pace and frequency while running. Training is just the beginning. As users feel they can go longer at top speed, they will be ready to compete and place in online events. PitPat encourages users to participate in online events actively, which will make running more exciting.

In order to encourage users to participate in the event, PitPat has prepared a rich event system to ensure that each user can participate in any open event during the training period through different Settings of multi-venue, multi-mileage, and high reward. In terms of rewards, PitPat includes rewards for finishing and placing. When users participate in and complete a race, they can get rewards even if you don’t place them. The ranking reward goes to the user who ranks at the top of the competition, which is the goal of all users. According to the platform’s statistics, the users who have received the highest bonus so far have exceeded $3,000, while a smart treadmill costs just over $300.

PitPat officials said that the bonuses will continue and that all PitPat employees will be happy if one of their users is able to improve their physical fitness and health by continuing to compete. With this format, PitPat hope that even people who don’t like running will fall in love with running and love everything about the new world of PitPat ultimately.

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