PANGU by Kenal is Celebrating its First Anniversary

Announces a series of exciting plans to create the Ultimate Metaverse Experience

HONG KONG, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PANGU by Kenal (PANGU), a Metaverse Agency officially appointed by The Sandbox, will celebrate its first anniversary on December 2nd. Over the past year, PANGU has already achieved many milestones, including launching the first NFT Drop with utility on The Sandbox; collaborating with Taiwanese artiste Nine Chen to bring out “Nine Chen’s Wonderland”; live streaming of The Sandbox games and more. PANGU has also just commenced a joint business partnership with Smobler Studios of Singapore to launch a series of projects for International Women’s Day. Furthermore, to attract and empower more creators to join the Metaverse, PANGU has established the “Creative Metaverse Allies” (CMA) specifically to provide training, contests, and opportunities for participants to unleash their endless creativity, allowing them to begin another chapter of their careers right here at the Metaverse.  

PANGU by Kenal, Smobler Studios, Metaverse Allies

Achievement: The first Metaverse Agency that streamed The Sandbox games live in Cantonese with record-breaking views

As an agency approaching its first anniversary, PANGU aims to provide one-stop services for enterprises, companies and brands, strategically planning their interactions between offline, online and Metaverse, as well as connecting the virtual and physical worlds together. In less than a year, PANGU has collaborated with more than a dozen companies and IPs in different ways including Brinc, Standard Chartered Bank, Hang Seng Bank, Regal Hotel Group, McDull, Lootex and more. In order to develop the local market, PANGU has invited several reputable local game streamers to livestream on YouTube and Twitch platforms during Alpha Season 3, becoming the first ever Metaverse Agency to conduct livestream in Cantonese, while the viewing numbers has reached the highest in the field. PANGU has since formed an alliance with many live game streamers from all over the world, aiming to create a non-English live streaming channel and contribute to the world of The Sandbox and Game-fi.

The anniversary flagship campaign – Creative Metaverse Allies

The “Creative Metaverse Allies” will be PANGU’s tentpole activation theme in the coming years, as the platform to bring creators from different fields and genres together, and build a community to promote and create a sustainable creator economy in the Metaverse. The first project was to co-host the “WORLD TOUR 2022” with the Web3 artist collective The Dreamxrs, visiting six destinations including Bali, London, Paris, Berlin, Philippines and Hong Kong, and amassing talents interested in Web3 and the Metaverse to join the “Creative Metaverse Alliance” and create a multi-dimensional and sustainable Metaverse world with infinite possibilities! Everyone would exclusively receive an NFT designed by PANGU (see below picture) once they joined the Alliance. Its design concept implies a welcoming to the Metaverse akin to PANGU’s creation of a new world.  

Geographical Expansion – Taiwan and Singapore

Furthermore, PANGU has not only become the first official agency of The Sandbox in Taiwan, but also announced the collaboration with Smobler Studios from Singapore, and will soon develop a series of projects together. Headquartered in Singapore, Smobler Studios is the Metaverse architecture and Web3 design agency with offices in Canada, the US and Bhutan. PANGU’s upcoming collaborations with Smobler Studios include the International Women’s Day Metaverse Experience, the Creative Metaverse Allies activities and more.

PANGU has also become a partner with Lootex, a cross-chain platform in Taiwan. They have created a one of a kind The Sandbox game experience by featuring the famous Song Dynasty masterpiece “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”, depicting its ancient Chinese village streets, shops, landscapes and martial arts elements to build a Metaverse rich with traditional Chinese artistic influence and atmosphere. Taiwan is home to a population who is proud of its heritage and rich culture, and we look forward to collaborating with more talents to build a community. “Creation itself should be widely developed with own characteristics,” says Kenny Ng, the founder of PANGU. “Metaverse is a place where infinite possibilities can happen. The Web3 network always encourages sharing and creating, therefore we are especially excited to launch the upcoming projects with different partners; brainstorming, collaborating, and enriching the world of Web3 and the Metaverse together!”

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About PANGU by Kenal and the Kenal Group

Since its establishment in 2008, Kenal Group, a diversified creative design company, has provided comprehensive marketing solutions for many international brands including Hennessy, Moët & Chandon, Baileys, Haig Club, John Walker & Sons, Nestle Tea, Nescafé, Heinz, Konica Minolta and more. PANGU by Kenal opened in 2021 as a Metaverse Agency officially appointed by The Sandbox, focusing on architecture and development on the Sandbox space, as well as providing clients with a wide range of services including strategic planning, unique experience creation, digital asset development, dynamic promotion solutions and more.

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