AvanStrate launches AvanRhino™ Cover Glass

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AvanStrate Inc. (ASI), the global manufacturer of LCD glass substrates, introduces AvanRhino Cover Glass in their latest product portfolio. The new AvanRhino Cover Glass provides consumers with an exceptional drop and scratch performance, and finds versatile application for smartphones, laptops, tablets and automobile monitors.

Avanstrate introduces AvanRhino Cover Glass which provides consumers with an exceptional drop and scratch performance

On the launch, Akarsh Hebbar, Managing Director – AvanStrate Inc. said, “AvanRhino Cover Glass addresses the growing consumer demand for improved durability with its special composition. Also, for every AvanRhino cover glass sold, AvanStrate will contribute towards conservation and protection initiatives of Rhinoceros across the globe.”

The AvanRhino cover glass adopts the Lithium Aluminosilicate family group with a special composition of Boron Oxide and Silica to reach superior performance. The composition with Boron Oxide reduces the softening point (838oC) enabling easier 3D forming for its customers and reduces coefficient of thermal expansion, thereby increasing the thermal shock resistance. The Silica increases the glass transition temperature which results in enhanced ion exchange range and better strength performance. The AvanRhino cover glass achieves a drop performance of 1.2 meters onto rough surfaces. It also has a higher scratch resistance with 75.6 GPa as per Young’s Modulus.

Alan Tsai, CEO – AvanStrate Inc., added, “AvanRhino cover glass exhibits extraordinary surface strength and crack resistance. This new foray will position AvanStrate as a major player in the cover glass market.” The superior cover glass, manufactured in AvanStrate’s Tainan facility in Taiwan, is suited for mid to mid-high ranging smartphones and is available at competitive prices as compared to its peers.

The manufacturing for the AvanRhino cover glass is an energy-efficient process. A lower softening point enables 3D forming at lower temperatures and the lower high temperature viscosity requires lesser energy than the competitors thereby resulting in an overall lower carbon footprint.

About AvanStrate Inc.

AvanStrate Inc. (‘ASI’) AvanStrate Inc. is a pioneering manufacturer of LCD glass substrates using the world’s leading technology. Founded and headquartered in Japan, the company currently has active operations in Korea and Taiwan, ASI is among the 4 manufacturers globally specializing in LCD glass substrates for LCD Panels used in TVs, computers, mobile phone screens and other display devices. ASI is recognized for its IP assets, manufacturing expertise and superior technology.