Over 80 out of top 100 supermarkets in China 2021 are accessible on JDDJ and Shop Now

About 50 supermarkets out of the top 100 are connected to Dada Group’s Haibo system. China’s brick-and-mortar retailers’ online sales up 40% yoy in 2021, reflecting huge opportunities in online channels.

SHANGHAI, July 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Among top 100 supermarkets in China, over 80 are in partnership with JDDJ, the on-demand retail platform operated by Dada Group (Nasdaq: DADA), as well as JD.com’s on-demand retail service Shop Now. Plus, nearly half of the 100 leading players are connected to the Haibo system, a proprietary omni-channel O2O operating system developed by Dada Group for retailers, enabling merchants to carry out O2O operations across multiple channels efficiently.

The China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA) released recently the top 100 list of supermarkets by sales, based on a survey conducted by the Association on the operation results across China’s supermarket industry in 2021.

Brick-and-mortar retailers’ omni-channel development is accelerating amid pandemic resurgence. According to the survey, the online share in overall sales of supermarkets kept increasing in 2021 with a growth of 40 per cent year-over-year in amount. The on-demand form of retail, which is characterized by “consumers placing orders online, followed by retailers delivering orders through offline stores within an hour”, is becoming a solid driver for physical merchants in China.

Dada Group strategically undertakes the operation of JDDJ and Shop Now, which are part of JD.com’s business layout in the on-demand retail as well. Through its digital capabilities, Dada Group is dedicated to empowering retailers’ omni-channel development and digital transformation. As of now, JDDJ and Shop Now have a nation-wide presence in over 1,700 counties and cities with a service coverage of more than 150,000 physical stores across all product categories.

About Dada Group

Dada is a leading platform of local on-demand retail and delivery in China. It operates JDDJ, one of China’s largest local on-demand retail platforms for retailers and brand owners, and Dada Now, a leading local on-demand delivery platform open to merchants and individual senders across various industries and product categories. The company’s two platforms are inter-connected and mutually beneficial. The Dada Now platform enables an improved delivery experience for participants on the JDDJ platform through its readily accessible fulfillment solutions and strong on-demand delivery infrastructure. Meanwhile, the vast volume of on-demand delivery orders from the JDDJ platform increases order volume and density for the Dada Now platform. In June 2020, Dada Group began trading on the Nasdaq Global Market, under the ticker symbol “DADA”.