Allschool Launches “Homeschooling Supplemental Classes”, Inviting Homeschool Veterans to Share Their Experiences and Giving Homeschool Families a Head Start

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Allschool, an innovative online education platform, announced the launch of a new initiative, Allschool Homeschooling Supplemental Classes, a celebrity-backed program which invites homeschool parents to share their success stories and offers tips and inspiration to families who are seeking to create an interactive and fun at-home learning space for their children.


To complement its online homeschool support, Allschool connects with homeschoolers and their families at the Homeschool Association of California (HSC) Conference 2022, which is running from July 28 through 31. At the annual state-wide event that packs in a wide range of activities for participants to have fun and get informed, Allschool showcases its homeschooling solutions and introduces its educational philosophy with the goal of unlocking the potential of home education. 

Transitioning into full homeschool routines takes time and effort, and many families have to go through a painful period overwhelmed by stress before coming to enjoy the flexibility and benefits that homeschooling offers. Targeting the challenges that new homeschool parents have to confront from the outset of this journey, Allschool aims to establish a sharing platform with the new initiative backed by home-school veterans, where parents who are new to at-home education can receive adequate guidance and support, easing their concerns as they kick-start and navigate the homeschooling adventures with their kids.

Meet Amy, a homeschool mom of five and homeschooling resource pro

Amy Milcic was a mental health therapist by trade with a master’s degree in Psychology and Therapy before she became a homeschool parent. She had a rocky start with a fair amount of anxiety when she began the daunting task of homeschooling her five boys. She struggled with what resources to choose, subjects to focus on, and all the fine details that come with teaching. 

“When we first started homeschooling, I thought you had to replicate public school at home – with a strict schedule and spending so much time per subject or it wasn’t real,” she recalled. But she came to fully embrace the flexibility of homeschooling retinues as she explores the benefits that a customized learning environment catering to the needs of her boys can offer.

However, she also shared the same worry that troubles many homeschool families – a parent cannot be an expert in all subjects that kids learn and might not be able to offer support to every facet of their lives, especially in terms of socializing. Allschool opened a new space that engaged her sons’ unique way of learning.

“I want to help my younger boys experience more interactive classes. I feel like they could really benefit from learning from other people. Allschool has such a wide variety of topics and supportive teachers that can help me provide my boys with those types of opportunities,” she said.

Homeschool as an emerging trend

Homeschooling has experienced a boom during the COVID-19 pandemic across the US, with the homeschooler number in 18 states jumping by 63% in the 2020 – 2021 school year. This trend appears here to stay after the 2021 – 2022 school year witnessed only a 17% dip in the number of homeschooling students.

Despite the soaring interest, many parents balk at the challenges ahead and lack the resources to get started. Allschool creates a one-stop online learning community full of high-quality educational content that can help parents to embark on their homeschool journey with ease.

“The mission of Allschool is to allow parents and homeschoolers to leverage the power the online learning to access a full range of premium courses purpose-built to fit the educational needs of learners of all ages. With the help of our powerful digital tools, we partner with experienced teachers to design engaging and interactive classes to boost their participation and address the pain points of homeschooling,” said Jack Shan, Co-Founder of Allschool.

About Allschool

Allschool is an innovative online platform that delivers highly interactive small-group live classes to children worldwide. Through Allschool, learners can enjoy a variety of premium live classes – including mathematics, languages, visual arts, game design, and more – delivered by thousands of devoted and talented teachers from all around the world.

An expert in online education, Allschool has developed a set of innovative purpose-built teaching and learning tools that bring meaningful changes to learning outcomes, allowing students to immerse themselves in a rewarding, gamified, and interactive environment that empowers them to explore and pursue their interests while making schooling fun and enjoyable.

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