Official Release, New Brand – Dollarfix Elevating Your Automotive Lifestyle with Innovative Tools and Products

ONTARIO, Calif., Nov. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the past October, the Dollarfix brand, which focuses on car diagnostics and car owners’ various car lives, was officially launched on various online channels. A brand-new automotive lifestyle brand that aims to enhance your driving experience. Their mission is to simplify car repairs and maintenance for everyone, and offer reliable and eco-friendly products and services to support car owners on their exploration journey.


Dollarfix understand the challenges that car owners face when it comes to automotive care. That’s why they have developed a range of professional-grade solutions designed to empower car owners with cutting-edge technology and expertise. Dollarfix’s automotive diagnostic equipment provides real-time diagnostics and maintenance reminders, enabling car owners to easily manage their vehicles and improve their lifestyles.

One of Dollarfix’s flagship product lines is Easy Fix, which offers a variety of simple and user-friendly tools that help car owners save on maintenance and repairs. With Easy Fix, anyone can become their own mechanic and experience the satisfaction of taking care of their car effortlessly.

They also offer the DIY Fix line, designed for car enthusiasts who prefer to master their own machines. Unleash your passion and take control of your car’s maintenance with our innovative tools and solutions. From basic maintenance tasks to more advanced repairs, DIY Fix provides the resources and support you need to become a confident and skilled car owner.

For those seeking professional-grade solutions, Dollarfix’s ProFix product line is the answer. Fine-tune efficiency and fuel your success with our advanced technology and expert knowledge. ProFix is tailored for car owners who prioritize high-quality services and are willing to invest in their car’s maintenance and repair.

By understanding your car is more than just a mode of transportation, an extension of your lifestyle. Dollarfix have developed a diverse range of products tailored to meet the unique needs of car owners like you. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every product we offer. Meticulously design and test each item to ensure durability, reliability, and user-friendliness. Dollarfix strives to exceed your expectations and provide you with tools that seamlessly integrate into your automotive lifestyle and accompany you every step of the way, making your automotive lifestyle more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Fix your car, not your budget.

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