Hesai Announces Automotive Lidar Design Win with Leapmotor for Its New Series Production Vehicle

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Hesai Technology (Nasdaq: HSAI) announced an automotive lidar design win with leading Chinese electric vehicle maker Leapmotor. Hesai will supply ultra-high resolution long range lidar AT128 for Leapmotor’s upcoming series production vehicle model.

Hesai Announces Automotive Lidar Design Win with Leapmotor for Its New Series Production Vehicle

Founded in 2015, Leapmotor is a technology-driven intelligent EV company with a full suite of R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Following the brand’s mission “to deliver the finest smart mobility experience to all consumers”, Leapmotor has developed the “LeapPilot” intelligent driving assistance system, continuously introducing intelligent driving upgrades and features to provide consumers with a convenient and safe driving experience.

Hesai’s AT128, a long-range automotive lidar for ADAS, has achieved a monthly delivery of over 20,000 units since its mass production began last year, with a cumulative delivery of over 130,000 units as of Q2 2023, empowering a number of series production vehicles from leading OEMs.

Hesai’s market leadership has also received international recognition from reputable institutions. According to Yole Intelligence’s recent market research report, Hesai has been named the No.1 automotive lidar company for a second consecutive year, firmly leading the lidar industry with its record-breaking revenue and shipments.

This partnership reflects Leapmotor’ recognition of Hesai’s outstanding product quality and mass production capabilities. In the future, the two companies will leverage their industry-leading experiences and work together to actively expand the global EV market, providing a safer and smarter riding experience for users around the world. 

About Hesai

Hesai Technology (Nasdaq: HSAI) is a global leader in lidar solutions. The company’s lidar products enable a broad spectrum of applications including passenger and commercial vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving vehicles, and robotic applications such as last-mile delivery robots and AGVs. Hesai seamlessly integrates its in-house manufacturing process with lidar R&D and design, enabling rapid product iteration while ensuring high performance, high quality and affordability. The company has superior R&D capabilities across optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. Hesai has established offices in Shanghai, Palo Alto and Stuttgart, with customers spanning over 40 countries.