NOVOSENSE Drives Future Mobility at Kurumobi Online Expo

TOKYO, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NOVOSENSE Microelectronics, a leading IC company in semiconductor solutions, is taking center stage at the Kurumobi Online Expo in Japan, bringing forth cutting-edge technologies that define the future of automotive electronics. The virtual expo, held from November 27 to December 15, 2023, serves as a platform to showcase NOVOSENSE’s commitment to shaping the evolution of automotive technology.

NOVOSENSE Microelectronics participates in Kurumobi Online Expo

NOVOSENSE Microelectronics participates in Kurumobi Online Expo

As the automotive industry transitions into a new era, NOVOSENSE is at the forefront, presenting semiconductor solutions tailored to the electrification and intelligence trends of automobiles. The expo will feature a comprehensive lineup of NOVOSENSE innovations, including:

Electric Powertrain Systems: Explore our cutting-edge semiconductor solutions designed to meet the demands of electronic vehicles’ electric powertrain systems. Automotive Thermal Management: Discover solutions addressing the intricate thermal management needs of advanced automotive systems. LED Drivers for Automotive Lighting: Dive into the world of automotive lighting with NOVOSENSE’s LED drivers designed for enhanced visibility and energy efficiency. Body Control Module: Experience our in-vehicle domain control solutions with the Body Control Module, ensuring seamless integration and control within the vehicle. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Uncover NOVOSENSE applications for electric vehicle charging stations, contributing to the growing infrastructure of sustainable mobility.

Join us at the Kurumobi Online Expo and be part of the conversation around the future of mobility. To explore NOVOSENSE’s offerings at the Kurumobi Online Expo, visit our exhibitor page: KuruMobi Tech Expo Online – from Cars to Mobility (