New Data Reveals Pool Owners Largely Dissatisfied With Commercially Available Pool Cleaning Methods

Beatbot Robotic Pool Cleaners Aim to Revolutionize Spring Cleaning as Nearly Half of Pool Owners Feel their Current Pool Cleaning Solutions Fall Short

RICHMOND, Texas, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Beatbot, the brand revolutionizing robotic pool cleaners, released data today that reveals while a majority of pool owners invest thousands of dollars in pool cleaning, dissatisfaction persists with the industry’s existing robots due to inefficiencies, incomplete coverage, and maintenance challenges.

According to a survey conducted by Beatbot, over 68% of pool owners currently utilize pool cleaning vacuums or robots. However, a staggering 41% express dissatisfaction with their current pool cleaning robots, citing issues such as inefficient cleaning(18.38%) incomplete coverage (23.24%) and difficulties in maintaining water quality(15.15%) and dealing with algae growth(11.32).

Metrics extracted from a survey conducted by Beatbot using Pollfish.

Beatbot’s AquaSense and AquaSense Pro bring industry-first features to address major pain points, making pool maintenance efficient, intelligent, and user-friendly just in time for pool owners to prepare for the summer months.

The AquaSense Pro is the world’s first five-in-one pool cleaner, equipped with a quad-core 1.8GHz processor for optimal path optimization and powered by a 9-motor-system. It offers intelligent return and surface parking. The system’s brushless main-pump motor delivers up to powerful wall cleaning with 5500 GPH suction. The AquaSense Pro was awarded for its cordless design and advanced engineering. The system’s two-by-two independent roller brushes, ensures comprehensive cleaning coverage. The systems engineering and design prioritize safety, with 15 certifications including ETL, CEC, and IP68. Controlled via smartphone app, users experience convenience with a cordless charging dock and long-lasting 10400mAh battery.

The AquaSense is the industry’s smartest choice in cordless pool cleaning. The intelligent model leverages path optimization with a quad-core 1.8GHz processor and two-by-two ultra-long independent roller brushes for a heightened cleaning. The robot includes industry-fist smart return and waterline parking, for easy retrieval after a comprehensive clean.

Industry-First ClearWater™ Clarifying Technology

“This year, pool owners are ready for a more reliable and advanced solution to not only clean their pool, but also to revolutionize their maintenance process,” said York, CMO of Beatbot. “We are pleased to make our AquaSense and AquaSense Pro available to consumers for the first spring season. These units are equipped with advanced path optimization, and independent roller brushes for effective cleaning. Moreover, equipped with a built-in clarifier dispenser, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro brings unprecedented water clarity. It is the industry’s first pool cleaning robot to not only remove debris but also improve the quality of the water.” This innovative system dynamically and evenly spreads agents during floor cleaning, adapting the dosage to pool size, which addresses a top pain point of pool users and ensures crystal-clear water.

Giving Full Cleaning Power to the User

The survey also revealed half of pool owners say they clean their pool weekly, and the majority don’t hire a crew to do the job. The Beatbot AquaSense Pro equips pool owners with an all-encompassing cleaning solution. The system integrates advanced robotics with intelligent path optimization, effectively tackling debris and algae growth and ensuring thorough coverage of pool surfaces.

“Beatbot is excited to be the hassle-free solution to pool owners who take cleaning efforts into their own hands, ” said York. “Most pool owners in America will be hard at work to prepare their pools for the spring and summer months soon. Beatbot’s list of industry-first features is intentionally designed to prepare and maintain a pool, to make summer pool days a breeze.”

Data Reveals Pool Owner Pain Points

Beatbot’s data showed the most common habits and pain points among pool owners in America. The data, at large, finds that pool owners are dissatisfied with veteran robotic pool cleaners:

Water quality maintenance (24.4%) and algae growth (20.6%) are identified as the top pain points with pool cleaning Pool owners say they clean on a weekly (54%) and daily (24.6%) basis, are most, revealing pool maintenance requires routine Reasons for not purchasing a pool cleaning robot include preferring to do it oneself (20.3%) and distrust in the product’s reliability (15.84%)result.

Metrics from survey result indicate the key pain points of pool cleaning for pool owners.

With a mission to redefine pool cleaning, Beatbot strives to tackle challenges and solve industry pain points with advanced technologies and hight-quality products like the Beatbot AquaSense Pro and Beatbot AquaSense.  Starting from March 20 to April 10, customers in the US and Canada can enjoy a limited-time offer with a significant discount of $200 off both the Beatbot AquaSense Pro and Beatbot AquaSense on Beatbot’s official website and Amazon store.

About Beatbot

Redefine Smart Pool Care. Beatbot is a technology brand dedicated to the global robotization of swimming pool environments. Founded by industry experts with over 10 years of experience in leading home robotics companies, the company is growing rapidly, with offices in multiple countries and a strong team of over 80 R&D members. Pioneering core technologies like brushless water pumps, AUV spatial locomotion, sonar laser SLAM, and space mapping navigation algorithms, Beatbot has secured numerous patents and pioneered industry-first innovations. Currently, we hold over 131 patents (granted and under application), including 51 patents for inventions. The brand aims to lead the world in smart, all-in-one pool care robotics inheriting the legacy of top-tier home robotics companies, and is driven by a commitment to product excellence. Beatbot’s mission is to redefine pool care, address industry challenges, enhance performance, and deliver hassle-free pool care experiences.

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