Yeelight Joins Forces with Samsung Electronics to Debut at AWE2024, Boosting the Construction of Intelligent Exhibition Halls

LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From March 14th to 17th, 2024, AWE 2024 officially kicked off in Shanghai. Samsung Electronics and the high-end intelligent lighting customization expert Yeelight jointly exhibited at Hall W4, showcasing the linkage between smart homes and intelligent lighting to consumers, painting a new scenario of smart living for the future, and presenting a more AI-driven technological artistry to the industry and consumers.


At the AWE2024 venue, Yeelight and Samsung Electronics jointly showcased the focus on the linkage between smart homes and intelligent lighting. Samsung Electronics’ smart home connectivity solution, SmartThings, can connect various smart devices to achieve cross-brand interoperability. Several products from the Yeelight Fun series have been certified with Works with SmartThings, and the Yeelight Pro series has also been integrated into the SmartThings platform. Users can easily control devices in their homes, precisely adjust light brightness, color temperature, and lighting modes, creating a more comfortable and personalized living environment.

Yeelight and SmartThings have set up multiple scenes such as the living room, bedroom, and gaming room, combined with rhythm lighting, to demonstrate different lighting modes and changes for the on-site audience, helping exhibition visitors understand the convenience and comfort that intelligent lighting brings to daily life. It is worth noting that the exhibition showcased the synchronization of the Yeelight Fun series with Samsung TVs, attracting the attention of many exhibition visitors.

As a leading brand in intelligent lighting, Yeelight has always been committed to providing users with high-quality, innovative intelligent lighting products. Yeelight, as a cooperative brand with SmartThings, made a joint appearance at AWE2024 with Samsung, breaking through the barriers of smart home interoperability and realizing an interconnected intelligent living experience, demonstrating Yeelight’s further integration into Samsung’s interconnected home ecosystem, providing users with more convenient and intelligent lighting solutions. The blueprint for future smart living is becoming clearer.

With the continuous expansion of the smart home market, intelligent lighting, as an important component, is gradually gaining attention and favor from consumers. Yeelight’s participation with Samsung Electronics at AWE2024 demonstrated to consumers a more convenient and intelligent lighting experience, showcasing Yeelight’s contribution to the construction of intelligent exhibition halls. Observing Yeelight’s deep cooperation with global technology and intelligent industry giants not only demonstrates Yeelight’s technical strength and innovation capabilities but also adds new weight to its competition in the intelligent lighting market.