Midea Unveils Midea V12: The All-In-One Sweeping and Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner

BERLIN, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hot on the heels of announcing Erling Haaland as their Global Brand Ambassador, Midea, one of the world’s leading and largest home appliances producer, unveils their ‘Haaland of robot vacuums’, the Midea V12. Mirroring Haaland’s dynamism on the pitch, the Midea V12 stands as a definitive flagship, bringing versatility, power and agility to home cleaning, offering consumers an elite cleaning solution.

Advanced Self-emptying, Self-washing and Self-drying Systems for Effortless Cleaning

Akin to Haaland’s dual responsibility of both scoring and assisting on the pitch, the Midea V12 showcases versatility in home cleaning. After completing its cleaning duties, the V12 seamlessly transitions into self-care mode: dust self-emptying, mops self-washing, and mops self-drying. Once the cleaning cycle concludes, the robot gracefully docks itself, allowing its mops to undergo a meticulous cleaning process. The integrated base scrubs and rinses away all debris, epitomizing hands-free and sanitary cleaning. The unit also houses a spacious 3L dustbag, which confidently stores dust and debris for up to 60 days. Moreover, the drying mechanism uses a 55°C warm airstream, ensuring the mops remain free from mold and unpleasant odors.

5000Pa Suction and 200 RPM Dual Spinning Mops Enable Perfect Cleaning Performance

In emulation of Haaland’s unparalleled prowess on the soccer field, the V12 rises above its counterparts in home cleaning performance. With a staggering 5000Pa suction force, it ensures no speck of dust is left behind. Complementing this power is the chenille double-disk ultra-thick mopping cloth, ensuring the V12 consistently delivers unparalleled dirt absorption. Its intensive 200 RPM scrubbing technique revives and refreshes surfaces, ensuring floors always gleam as if they were brand new.

3D Obstacles Detection Technology for Flexible Obstacle Avoidance

Yet, while Haaland is known for his assertive style against opponents, the Midea V12 prides itself on its agility in circumventing obstacles. Supported by the pinpoint accuracy of its LiDAR system, the Midea V12’s 3D Obstacle Detection Technology enables the robot to seamlessly sidestep up to 55 unique obstacles. Its adept ability to swiftly map and familiarize itself with its environment ensures a comprehensive cleaning sweep, with minimized interruptions and boosted efficiency.

Midea shared a photo of the Midea V12 alongside Erling Haaland.

In addition to the launch, Midea shared a photo of the Midea V12 alongside Erling Haaland.

The recent announcement of Erling Haaland becoming a new Global Brand Ambassador is the latest extension of Midea and Manchester City’s successful partnership that began in January 2020 and recently renewed in May this year. To date, the partnership has engaged millions of global fans with award-winning activations. 

The leading home appliance brand will continue to collaborate with City’s treble winner for future seasons, connecting Erling’s fanbase with Midea customers and football fans globally, through a variety of content campaigns, as well as exclusive merchandise giveaways and other digital activities.

Speaking at the time of the announcement, Erling Haaland said, “Midea are a proud partner of Manchester City and I’ve enjoyed being part of campaigns during my time with the club so far. I’ve noticed the Midea logo across the Etihad Stadium and having learned about their size and ambitions, I am pleased to become a Global Brand Ambassador today. The first video we shot a few weeks ago was really fun and I am looking forward to working together moving forwards.”