LetinAR introduces multiple AR Smartglasses developed by its global customers in CES 2024

LetinAR is returning to CES 2024 on January 9-12, 2024, in Las Vegas, USA. The booth, located at 16649 in LVCC Central Hall, will showcase the progress of the most advanced “PinTILT™” Augmented Reality (AR) optical solutions and successful commercialization cases with its customers.

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LetinAR Inc. (CEO Kim Jae-hyeok), a developer of optical solutions for Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses, announced that, at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, USA, to be held between January 9~12, it will be releasing its “PinTILT™” lens, which brings AR optics to the next level and successful commercialization cases with its global customers including Jorjin, Nimo, and others.

LetinAR PinTILT™ AR Optical System with Glasses

As a developer of optical systems for AR smart glasses, LetinAR introduced its PinTILT™ technology at the CES for the last seven consecutive years. LetinAR drew the attention of global companies as it was recognized for having overcome the performance limitations of the existing AR optical system on the back of its unique and practical technology. LetinAR releases its “FrontiAR™ Pro” optical system based on PinTILT™ technology at CES 2024, which resolves technological barriers and elevates the optical system to the next level.

The strongest feature of the “FrontiAR™ Pro” lens is that it overcomes the issue of brightness uniformity, which has been the greatest challenge to existing PinMR™ (“Pin Mirror™”) AR optical systems. The brightness uniformity, which was previously limited, has been improved, thereby enhancing performance by approximately three times. On top of that, the image quality, an existing strength, has been further improved so that it can be easily worn like regular glasses. 

At CES 2024, visitors can experience an ultra-high definition, immersive AR demonstration, which is developed based on the PinTILT™ AR optical system. The global customers of LetinAR, mainly Jorjin, a leading XR device manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, introduce J8L Glasses, optimized for spatial experiences based on the LetinAR FrotinAR™ Pro (Formerly B42) optical system. Nimo, the developer of the World’s First Spatial Computer for Productivity, launches Nimo One, also equipped with the LetinAR FrotinAR™ Pro optical system. Additionally, more customers of LetinAR from America and Asia will launch their successful productization cases onsite. All visitors are welcome to experience all the glasses.

The company and its customers plan to exhibit interactive, responsive content that provides the first-hand experience of immersive spatial content. Users may also test demonstrations in the form of goggles, giving users the experience of wearing helmets such as Ironman’s Jarvis or those worn by F-35 fighter plane pilots. By combining the Generative AI function, Nimo is planning to demonstrate Nimo Glasses, Nimo Core, and OS which are designed for Spatial Productivity and fit in our Pocket. Also receiving the spotlight is Jorjin’s J8L Glasses, which enables an immersive Metaverse experience utilizing 9-Axis IMU and AI recognition software.

Last December, LetinAR’s technological excellence was recognized upon its selection as a finalist, again as it did four years ago, for the PRISM Awards, held by the International Society of Optics and Photonics (SPIE), the most prestigious institution in the field. SPIE shared on its website that it selected LetinAR as a finalist in the category of Vision Technology in “appreciation of the company’s contribution to the development of technology in this world.” The final winner will be announced in San Francisco in February at the Photonics West, one of the largest optics events in the US.

Jaehyeok Kim, CEO of LetinAR, says, “It was LetinAR’s strong technological base that enabled us to not only overcome the limitations of the existing AR optical system but also to overcome the vertical viewing angle issue, which has been regarded as a major technological challenge”, and added that “It is glad to demonstrate diverse smartglasses launched by our global customers all around the world at the CES 2024.”

Lerdah Wang, General Manager of Jorjin, says, “We’re delighted to say that Jorjin’s J8L AR smart glasses powered by outstanding PinTILT™ technology from LetinAR can bring users an incredible experience in special field applications.”, and “The slim design and lightweight can fit for wearing for a long time. With gesture recognition, the human-computing interaction is intuitive and can be used in a wide range of fields such as smart manufacturing, smart showroom, city touring, immersive collaboration and education, and smart medical applications for augmented upgrading and digital transformation.”

Rohildev, CEO of Nimo Planet, says, “At Nimo, our highest priority is to create extremely comfortable and high-quality AR Glasses for Productivity.”, and “Working with LetinAR enabled us to create Beautifully designed glasses with ultra-comfort”.

Yang Sang-hwan, the director of the Naver D2 Startup Factory, explained that “LetinAR’s technology excels to the point that it may earn the PRISM Award by SPIE, the leading authority in the field of optics, and it’s encouraging to see how the company proves to the world its ability to overcome technological challenges.” He went on to say that “LetinAR’s PinTILT™ technology will spearhead the commercialization of AR smart glasses.”

Since its inception in 2016, LetinAR with PinTILT™ technology has been in the global spotlight during the previous CES and MWC. As of late, LetinAR is taking a radical leap towards the next business phase with several global AR companies with FrontiAR™ optical system, the first truly mass-produced AR optics based on plastic injection molding technology. To find out more about the LetinAR or demonstrations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), visit https://letinar.com or e-mail [email protected].

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About LetinAR
Founded in 2016, LetinAR, a company appeared in the AR (Augmented Reality) scene, presenting a new paradigm-changing technology – PinTILT™ lens. This technology was developed mainly to redress common failings found in current products; heavy and expensive hardware, and deficient functions that inhibit the construction of real eyeglasses-shaped designs and render wearability and usability mediocre at best.

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We are committed to promoting the application of the AR/XR field, and we have built up a meta-universe industry ecosystem, combining the strengths of the technology industry to achieve the best effect in terms of technology, equipment, and industrial application.

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