Savitech’s GeekOne Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone Empowers Creators to Bring the Studio Anywhere

Up to 24 bit/ 96 KHz Hi-Res sampling rate enables studio-quality audio recording from anywhere — including outdoor sets and live performances Dual-channel recording provides a richer, more immersive soundstage ideal for creating music or for video content like interviews Ruggedized design, extensive battery life, and high-capacity memory facilitate content creation in outdoor environments and on the go

Taipei, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Savitech, an advanced audio solutions provider, is introducing a groundbreaking addition to the world of audio technology under its GeekOne brand – the GeekOne Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone. With the highest resolution sampling rate on the market and ruggedized, on-the-go features, this cutting-edge audio capture system is redefining recording capabilities for content creation from anywhere, including outdoor environments.

Wireless Microphone

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With top-notch design and studio-quality audio capture, GeekOne Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone is the ultimate choice for music enthusiasts, creators, students, and professional filmmakers.

“We are thrilled to bring the GeekOne Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone to content creators and audiophiles worldwide,” noted Bell Wang, Product Manager at Savitech. “Its unprecedented combination of maximum-resolution recording combined with a highly portable, ruggedized design makes it a significant advancement that brings the very best audio capture capabilities to all kinds of content creation.”

Bring the studio anywhere

GeekOne Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone empowers content creators to capture all the nuances and detail of real-life sound with a sampling rate of up to 24 bit/ 96 kHz and Hi-Res certification. Ideal for recording live performances, outdoor video creation, capturing gaming sessions, and music experiences, the Microphone balances audio capture from all directions using a built-in chip, effectively reducing background noise for crisp, clear quality.

In addition, creators can simultaneously record from two different sources with its dual-channel receiver and two transmitters, which also provides an immersive, 3D soundstage via a stereo effect and spatial perception in the recorded audio.

Perfect for outdoor, on-the-go content creation

By combining high storage and battery capacity, redundant synchronized backup recording, and protective features, GeekOne Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone delivers high portability and a ruggedized design that stays ready for any conditions — from rainy-day film shoots to muddy music festivals.

With an extensive 8GB of storage, the Microphone delivers high capacity and portability with up to 12 hours of local recording. Combined with long-lasting 9-hour battery life, it guarantees extended, efficient, and hassle-free use while on the go.

For added reliability and redundancy to ensure precious recordings are maintained, the Mic uses synchronized backup recording, which also adds greater options for post-production work and editing.

Designed to withstand the rigors of active use, the Mic comes with a lightweight, airtight, shockproof, and waterproof carrying case and the device itself is IPX4 certified, providing maximum protection for content creation in any environment.

About Savitech

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