KEENON Robotics Shines at ROBOTWORLD 2023 with DINERBOT T9 Pro

GOYANG, South Korea, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — KEENON Robotics, a leading global robotic service provider, partnered with Everybot, a Korean AI service robot specialist, to showcase an impressive array of autonomous delivery robots at the renowned international robot fair ROBOTWORLD 2023, held at KINTEX from 11-14 October 2023. The highlight of this event was the successful launch of the DINERBOT T9 Pro – KEENON’s latest delivery robot for the Korea market, featuring intelligent grab-and-go plate detection for a seamless meal experience.

(From left to right) DINERBOT T9 Pro, T9, T8 and T6 displayed at the booth

The DINERBOT T9 Pro, a remarkable fusion of form and function, redefines the dining experience. Its sleek and modern design seamlessly combines simplicity and innovation, creating a visually captivating presence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring silver-gray UV metallic paint and matte black finish, it exudes timeless sophistication and a touch of technological prowess.

What sets the T9 Pro apart is its intelligent robotics, which include scene recognition, smooth movement, human-robot interaction, and data optimization, setting new standards in automation.

Empowering diners, this robot guides them through a self-service process with a large 11.6-inch touchscreen display, voice prompts, and integrated lighting. Customers can effortlessly take their orders from the shelf, with clear visual and instructions. After the self-pickup, the robot autonomously departs, ensuring a seamless dining experience. In the rare event of a pick-up error, it promptly notifies diners, enabling them to rectify and retrieve the correct item.

Safety is paramount in the DINERBOT T9 Pro’s design. Equipped with advanced 3D vision for obstacle detection, a shock-absorbing chassis, and optimized acceleration for secure food delivery, it ensures both reliability and safety. The VSLAM intelligent positioning technology eliminates the need for labels or intrusive markings, seamlessly integrating into any setting without compromising its original decor.

In particular, this model has applied technology optimized for the Korean market through the partnership with Everybot. Everybot is highly recognized for its world-first Robospin technology, leading the market in the field of robotic mops with the largest market share in Korea with cumulative sales of 1 million units. It has also established their own AI Convergence Technology Research Institute, accelerating the research and development efforts. At ROBOTWORLD 2023, various solutions, including the “Gesture Recognition AI Call Function,” where the robots move when signaled, and the ability to call the robots using a smartwatch, call bells, table orders, and more had been showcased.

Furthermore, KEENON’s robots, equipped with a self-developed and fully autonomous position and navigation system, along with highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance technologies, seamlessly adapt to complex real-world situations. This capability ensures the provision of safe, reliable, and efficient services in dynamic environments. The company’s commitment extends to delivering a premium after-sales service program, ensuring businesses experience seamless operations and ongoing support.

KEENON Robotics remains dedicated to introducing a diverse range of robot products to the Korean market, empowering and enhancing various fields and scenarios, including cleaning, medical, industrial, and more.

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