The Mars Agency Launches Next-Generation of Commerce-Marketing Platform, Marilyn

Clients saw an average of 21% improvement 
in commerce-marketing performance

DETROIT, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Independently owned, global commerce marketing practice The Mars Agency this week unveiled the newest generation of its Marilyn® Commerce Marketing Technology platform, re-designed to give clients full visibility into the total business impact of their commerce-marketing activities.

Measurement methodologies available to commerce marketers have long been inconsistent in breadth, depth, and even taxonomy, making them woefully inadequate for optimizing investments across the retail landscape.

The upgraded Marilyn platform provides a clear, consistent view of commerce marketing’s impact on brand growth, moving measurement beyond campaign-specific performance metrics like ROAS or ROI to evaluate the bottom-line contribution being made.

Companies using the Marilyn platform have leveraged the richer insights to optimize investments and improve commerce marketing performance by an average of 21% year-over-year.

“Marilyn’s industry-leading capabilities provide a more complete understanding of performance and make it easier for clients to access the information they need,” said Jake Berry, EVP, General Manager of The Mars Agency and Marilyn team lead. “The results aren’t just changing our clients’ go-to-market strategies, they are changing their fundamental perception of commerce marketing.”

Marilyn drives Total Business Impact through four key solutions:

Data Management: Aggregates and normalizes data from numerous sources to provide a “single source of truth” for commerce-marketing performance. It puts all the necessary data at clients’ fingertips, while delivering the real-time transparency needed to make more informed, timelier decisions.
  Measurement & Intelligence: Unmatched ability to consistently pinpoint incremental ROI and sales lift from commerce marketing by accurately segmenting base sales, the effect of other marketing activities such as trade promotion and advertising, and other macroeconomic and environmental factors.
  Planning Optimization: Unprecedented performance transparency eliminates inefficient spending to improve productivity, accuracy, and profitability. Maximize investments by shifting dollars to the brands with the greatest growth potential and the retailers, programs, and tactics that drive growth.
  Insight & Analytics Hub: User-friendly dashboards designed to serve as “home base” for clients’ complete commerce-marketing needs, provide a seamlessly integrated ecosystem for data analysis, media planning, and financial accounting that incorporates all required internal and external data sources.

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