KBC Joins Forces with CiT to Launch Rigorous Simulation Software for the Design and Optimization of Polymer Plant Processes

A solution to improve product quality, operational performance, and cash flow

HOUSTON, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces a partnership with Computing in Technology (CiT), the leading source of simulation software for modelling different polymer processes. Combining over 50 years of simulation software experience, this collaboration brings together the CiT Predici modeling software with the KBC Petro-SIM® simulation platform and automated digital twin simulator to provide the first comprehensive solution that reduces polymer process scale-up risks and experimental time.

Operators can now simulate the entire refinery-petrochemical-polymer supply chain to predict yield, polymer properties, and emissions in steady-state and dynamic models. Users can monitor and analyze KPIs manually, and with automated digital twins, optimize the plant performance. They are also able to track carbon intensity and determine the most effective methods to decarbonize the entire supply chain from end-to-end, including polymer recycling.

To remain competitive, polymer manufacturers must resolve their current challenge of controlling manufacturing processes responsibly while optimizing plant performance. This integrated software solution helps users evaluate and address operational issues, control system difficulties, and manage challenges related to product specifications while optimizing key performance indicators and operating conditions.

Polymers are one of the most widely used chemical products in nearly all sectors due to their huge diversity of applications. By 2030, TexData International forecasts the global polymer market will reach USD 838.5 billion from USD 533.6 billion in 2019. Despite this growing demand, the complexity of polymer processing makes it challenging for manufacturers to meet product quality requirements.

“Predici has always allowed the study of polymer properties,” said Dr. Michael Wulkow, CiT’s founder. “We are excited that Predici modelers now have the chance to incorporate their kinetic models seamlessly into the plant’s flowsheet and KBC’s software suite without further implementation or programming. This all-in-one solution saves time and improves polymer processes.”

Russell Byfield, KBC Global Simulation Business Leader, commented, “We are excited about this new partnership and evolution of our strategy. Predici integrates well with the powerful KBC & Yokogawa technology stack of rigorous digital twin process simulation and advanced process controls. It will be valuable to the polymer industry and quite disruptive. This new solution will better enable clients to make critical decisions about how to optimize and prioritize activities to decarbonize the entire petrochemical and polymer supply chain including polymer recycling for the circular economy.”

Petro-SIM software with the Predici software integration is now available. To find out more about this solution, please contact KBC directly or contact your local Yokogawa affiliate.

About KBC

KBC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, is all about excellence in the Energy and Chemical industry. We make excellence real for our customers through the actions of our people fused with our technology and best practices. We provide leading software and expert services, powered by the cloud, to assure process operations achieve their full potential. Our customers achieve operating performance that surpasses ordinary standards, now and into the future. For more information, visit www.kbc.global.

About CiT

Computing in Technology, known as CiT, is a German-based software company established in 1992. CiT provides advanced modeling and simulation software for modeling kinetics, polymers, and particles. Predici is a comprehensive, user-friendly software package for modelling various types of polymerization kinetics to improve the understanding of processes and product properties. For more information, visit www.cit-wulkow.de.